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new and confused

I'm new here with many questions. I have no thyroid and wanted to know if I should be taking these supplements. I've never taken these many at one time but my new Doc says that I need them. I've been on Synthroid and Levo all of my life, but now recently taking a lower dosage of Levo and now on T3 6mcg.


Magnesium 4.0 (4.0-6.4)

Iron, TIBC and Ferritin PAnel

Iron Ser 52 (40-190)

TIBC 370 (250-450)

Iron Satn 14 (11-50)

Ferritin 11 (10-232)

Glucose 74 (65-99)

Sodium 137 (135-146)

Potassium 4.0 (3.5-146)

dhea 18 (19-231)

vitamin b12 469 (200-1100)

vitamin D3 31 There are no reference ranges Doc told me it is low, to take 5000 iu daily

pregnenolone 13 (22-237)

Doc wants me on all supplements except DHEA and Pregnenolone

Is Black seed oil good to take as well?

Many Thanks!

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Hi ts, I have to say it's rare to finally see that a doctor appears to understand your condition.

Your lab tests are all very low and need to be addressed. Once your thyroid levels are corrected and you pursue a very good whole foods diet, ideally you will gain more nutrients and bring up the levels. Do you have your thyroid function levels as well? I think you are in good hands!

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Hi there Heloise!

Yes, it has taken some time to find an okay Dr. and many disagreements with Endocrinologists. He has put me on a protocol, but I am here to get another opinion. Thank you so much for responding. Blessings!


Let us know how wonderful this doctor turns out to be and best wishes to you! I'd like to see your thyroid levels if you care to post them later. This is what they should be. stopthethyroidmadness.com/l...


Hi! I'm going to post my full lab report and ailments here in a few. Blessings!


At one time you would be told to take a good vitamin tablet and you will be fine! If only it was so easy! As thyroid people we can be very deficient in some things but not others and there are different degrees of deficiency so it can be difficult to fit them in during the day when some make you sleep. Ether do move to bedtime and some can't be taken within 4 hours of thyroid meds or each other and some can cancel each other out so they would be a waste of time and Moët in a multi Vit! When you start I would leave 2 weeks between adding each one in case it disagrees with you. I know that means it takes time etc. It nothing worse than taking many and something not agreeing with you and you can't work out which it is! However doing it that way you can post once week I am looking to add __________ can anyone recommend a good one. Of course it doesn't guarantee it will suit you but you might hear what not to use or get an idea of which is best place to purchase from.


Hi Silverfox7, I think this is a good idea beginning a new supp every two weeks. I'm going to post my history here today as well. It seems like so much information! My thyroid brain is spinning! I have already begun taking all supplements together and feel horrid! I will back off and take D3 for this week and see how this works with my Levo and Generic t3. Blessings!


You can get B complexes with ferritin now, there aren't any conflicts with taking them as far as I'm aware and you won't have any side effects. Vit D is one of those things everyone should take and no restrictions. Those are the main ones, you can usually buy three months worth from boots pretty cheaply.

For iron and potassium, it's easier and more enjoyable just to have some more iron and potassium rich foods.

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More iron and potassium rich foods...yes! Molasses here I come!


Molasses is good for B5 / B6/ Niacin and Choline so will help those poorly adrenals - especially the B5 and B6. I'm afraid that as it's non-haem iron it's going to take longer to get those levels up as it's far less bioavailable than the haem iron found in liver and red meat. You must definitely take vitamin C with any non-haem iron (food or tablets) as you almost certainly have low stomach acid looking at your results. I do like the sound of your doctor. I think you're very lucky there!



Thank you, yes my Dr said he believed more food in iron would be beneficial. But I did buy Bluebonnet chelated vege iron capsules. Thank you for the Molasses info! Can't wait to purchase it! Blessings.


Hi tstreat!

I have always been on thyroxine, (born with a non working partial gland), after they messed around with my doses (long story), it took ages to correct BUT caused other problems.

B12 deficiency, Vitamin D deficiency and anaemia can go hand in hand with thyroid conditions and I have full house unfortunately as well as T3.

I take 200 mcg thyroxine (levothyroxine), 20 mcg T3 Lithyronine, 310 mcg iron supplement for pernicious anaemia, B12 jabs every three months for the B12 deficiency and 2 supplements for vitamin D deficiency. Have done for about twelve years.

Due to a certain GP, I now have oedema, so have to take a diuretic, 40 mcg daily and borderline high blood pressure, take a med for that, but I can't remember the name for that at the moment.

Hope this helps :)



I am glad to see you are getting some help.

Liver is high in ferretin and I'd be interested to see what he gives you for the low iron. Has he/she tested you for PA?

I am sorry but I cannot agree with the low dhea and pregnenelone levels. Every lab is different and most I have seen are done with cortisol via a saliva test.

Low levels show problems with your adrenals and should be addressed. Supplementing with pregnenelone is how to raise the levels. I am confused as to why you were tested yet nothing is to be done. Otherwise you'll always be tired. It is now sold on amazon.

. Also I'd nicely ask about cortisol levels.

If you are to take d3 you need during the day to take k2 mk-7.

If you google how long does it take for my stomach to empty you'll see it's 2 hrs. Having had a conversation with my specialist and a chemist from bio care 2 hrs is generally sufficient time between meds and supplements.

If the magnesium was a red cell magnesium test you could consider magnesium sulphate injections- they are marvellous and available on the NHS. Also all absorbed unlike the supplements which are poor for magnesium.

Yes be good to know yr thyroid levels too.

Good luck

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Hi, Howard39!

For low Magnesium, I am to take 800mg per day. I went to the health store and bought gel tabs. NATURE BOUNTY 1000iu

Iron 1 tablet for a week then two the next then three for around 2 to three months and retest. The Dr suggested BLUEBONNET chelated iron 27mg. But he really suggested that I eat iron rich foods. He doesn't think the iron tabs work.

If I take b12 will that make me hyper? He suggested B12 as well but I am finding that taking 125 Levo with 5 t3 is making my heart race. It is weird. I take the t3 and 10-15 minutes later....sometimes sooner....My heart is pounding for a few minutes. Then, it settles. Then at the time I believe it dissipates around 6 hours, it races again and I get HOT. My skin becomes very hot and flush. I have to stand in front of the fan. Also, I've been feeling easily irritable? BUT my feet and hands remain FROZEN cold. I've been on this regimen for almost two weeks. I will post all symptoms and history. Blessings!


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