B12 and Iron supplements

I take B12 and vitamin C supplements and iron supplements (ferritin etc). i told a GP I'm new to and a surgeon (I'm undergoing hernia op soon) snd they urged me to stop B12 and Iron supplements. They saw my extensive blood test results over the past year so were informed - B12: 626 (211-946). Previous 861, 1134. Iron: not tested this time. (6-35). Previous 21, 11, 9. Should I stop or keep taking them?

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  • If your anaethsetic contains nitrous oxide then it is important to keep up good B12 supplementation. NO destroys B12 in the body..... I have read.

  • Thanks Marz. Excellent info.

  • I don't know the answer, but if you are supposed to stop before surgery, then you can resume after surgery?

  • Thank you cc120. Surgeon seemed to think B12 supplements not required and could cause harm. He's an experienced stomach surgeon but didnt seem to know about thyroid problems. It was mainly to show him my blood levels were stable after previously high tsh levels.

  • I have read that aneasthetic depletes B12 levels.

  • Thanks. I shall keep taking the B12.

  • I would ask them why and does it have anything to do with surgery. I personally would not stop taking the B12 unless they give a plausibly good reason in regard to the surgery, then I would start right back up.

  • Thanks pamsbl. Yes I think so too. I'm taking daily only 1500 ug of methycobal with 75 mcg activated K2 mixed menaquinobes. Understand that is cautious dosage.

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