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Help with results

So previously my ranges were:-

TSH 3.24 ( 0.38 - 5.5 )

T4 14.9 ( 10.0 - 18.7 )

T3 4.3 ( 3.5 - 6.5 )

on liquid thyroxine at 125mcg.

I'm now on Teva 125mcg and here are the results with the same ranges as above:-

TSH 0.8

T4 12.7

T3 4.2


VIT D 59.3

Ferritin 12

I already take iron suppliments everyday and this was lower 6 months ago but has not gone up as much as expected.

Stopped taking the b12 for a while and my b complex.

I take my levothyroxine every morning when I wake. When's best to take my supplements?

I also take a mineral complex and magnesium suppliment.

Any guidance on results would be helpful as I'm still very tired and not well.

Thank you.

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Don't stop taking your vitamin B12 for a test as once you start taking vitamin B12 the only useful tests to see your status are active B12 and a full blood count. You do need to stop taking the B complex due to the biotin possibly mucking up test results.

If you are in the UK your vitamin D level needs to be higher at over 75nmol/L but preferably 100nmol/L What are you supplementing with?

In regards to your iron the best levels to use are ferritin - which is storage iron - , haemoglobin and a full blood count. The reason serum iron isn't used is that the result is a very unreliable indicator of iron status especially on it's own.

Finally if you still don't feel well have a dose increase of levo. Your Free T3 can be higher at just over 5. It doesn't matter if your TSH is slightly lower as you are on hormone replacement.


I stopped taking the b12 months ago and the b complex due to money really and my levels were the higest they'd been in years.

I also stopped the vitamin d, but since that's not optimum anymore I'm starting that right away for a good few months to build it up.

I have a lot of stomach problems so all these vitamins don't help with cramping etc.

Currently I take my levothyroxine in the morning then at lunch my iron and b complex.

Then mid afternoon my vit d then at t time my digestive enzyme complex.

Then near bed the mineral complex and magnesium.

If I'm doing anything in the wrong way please advise. But only so many hrs in the day.

All tablets I take are usually viridian brand though the vit d is solgar.


Do your take your iron with some vitamin C?

Do you take your vitamin D with some fat?

Do you have Hashimotos?



The virdian iron complex has some vits c added to it already. It has vit c as ascorbic acid 100mg

Never taken vit d with fat.

Don't have hashimotos


Vitamin D needs to be taken with fat to increase absorption - this is why this should be taken at lunch time.

Iron needs to be taken on an empty stomach with vitamin C and water to increase absorption. Standard advice is to take it 4 hours away from levo and 2 hours away from other food, drink and supplements. You can take it with B vitamins but due to the fact it causes most people stomach/bowel issues, most people don't and instead take it when they take other vitamins e.g. lunch time.

I only asked if you have Hashimotos as you are more likely to have stomach issues.


I'll look at my times again so hard to get it right.

Thank you for your advice.


Does this work,

Levo in morning with water 7ish

Iron+c and b12 11-12 am

Vit d 1-2 with lunch

Mineral complex 3-4pm

Digestive 7ish with tea.

Magnesium 10 ish before bed.


Levo is taken first thing as you are doing, with one full glass of water and wait about an hour before eating.

You need an increase to bring your TSH 1 or lower and some doctors mistakenly believe that anywhere in the range is o.k.

You need an increase in dose as T4 and T4 should be towards the upper part of the range. Your ferritin looks low.

You can take vitamins/supplements at lunchtime as most have to be taken with food. B12 is mid range and the following are foods which can be helpful:-

Image result for foods with B12

Top 10 Vitamin B12 Foods

1) Beef liver. 3 oz: 18 mcg (over 100% DV)

2) Sardines. 3 oz: 7.6 mcg (over 100% DV)

3) Beef (grass-fed) 3 oz: 1.5 mcg (25% DV)

4) Tuna. 3 oz: 2.5 mcg (41% DV)

5) Raw cheese. 1.5 oz: 1.5 mcg (25% DV)

6) Cottage cheese. 1 cup: 1.4 mcg (23% DV)

7) Lamb. 3 oz: 2.07 mcg (35% DV)

Most of us have digestive problems due to our 'low' metabolism and taking a few teaspoons of Apple Cider Vinegar in water or juice during a meal can help digestion. Or Digestive enzyme tablets. Symptoms of low or high acid are nearly identical and doctors usually prescribe antacids when we need acid.


Spoke with gp this morning as always tsh is normal though I always ask the ranges. I did say to her my t4 &3 should be in the higher range but she said they are normal and my dose won't be changed.

She told me to take vit d and said rest of vits look normal range. I did question my ferritin but again she said normal.

So I take levothyroxine at 7am

Will this following plan work for time scales between vits.

B12 11am

Iron+vit c 12 am

Vit d 3pm

Digestive enzyme 7 ish or when I eat my tea.

Mineral complex which has selenium in it 8.30 pm

Magnesium before bed 10pm.

My iron tablets have vit c in them at 100mg should I take an additional suppliment of vit c?

I've another spare vit c which is 140mg by together.

Thank you.


I am not medically qualified but I think you should take all of your Vits/minerals at lunchtime or teatime as they usually have to be taken with food.

Doctors who don't have hypo themselves do patients a dis-service in that our Thyroid Hormones have to be towards the upper part of the range (not lower, or middle in range). So also do our vitmains/minerals - need to be towards the upper part. These are a couple of links and I'll give you two links which might help our doctor to understand your need for optimum (not normal) hormones to run your whole body.

you can highlight the reason why FT4 and FT3 should be checked (even once yearly).

If you can afford it, you can get an FT4 and FT3 done privately by a recommended lab.


GPs are generalists and know very little about most conditions. They also know nothing about diet and exercise, so it is up to you to find out and sort yourself out.

In fact better doctors - GPs or specialists - when they realise a conditions isn't in their field of expertise and know a patient is using a patient group imply/hint the patient should go to them for advice and deal with it themselves.

You can take your vitamin D and B vitamins together with lunch.

What time do you take your levo? In theory if you take it early enough you will have enough time to take your iron and vitamin C. You should also avoid drinking tea and coffee while trying to raise your iron level.

What minerals are in your mineral complex?

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OK so I take d and b vits together with lunch.

When should I take the iron and c?

The mineral complex is the following

Manganese 15mg

Selenium 200mg

Boron 1mg

Copper 1mg

Chromium 200mg

Molybdenum 200mg

It's veridian trace mineral complex bought it after trying biocare mineral complex which gave me awful stomach pains.

Tips on when to take this too be appreciated.

I don't do caffeine at all. :)


It would help if you put the approximate times you eat.


On a work day breakfast 8-9 ish

Dinner 1-1.30

Tea anything from 6-7.30


So you need to take your levo at 7am an hour before breakfast.

Then you can either take your iron and vit c at 11am, 2 hours before lunch, or 3.30pm, 2 hours after lunch. (Find out which one upsets your stomach/bowels less)

Then your vitamin D and B at lunch.

Your mineral complex which has selenium in it at 8pm as copper interacts with magnesium so you want to leave at least 2 hours between them to minimise that. If the pains are too bad I would change to get just a selenium supplement.


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