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Results. Advice please

I had a medicheck thyroid test last week. My GP also wanted me to check my HBA1C so I said I'd add it to my private bloods as I hate blood tests via the vein. I had them done in November and I don't fancy another MOT yet lol! So he agreed to just do it private.

I thought I would re test my cholesterol too as it was high in December 2015 at 6.9 and it has always been on my mind. It worked out cheaper to do Medichecks Essentials blood test, which is a full MOT. It includes FBC, iron, liver and kidney function, HBA1C, Cholesterol, Gout.... £69 so much cheaper that way. I got some results today, sadly one of the 2 bottles clotted and typical it's the one they test FBC, ferritin and HBA1C but I got all the other results. There are a few marked high and having anxiety it has concerned me. I would appreciate anyones advice.

The iron result is scaring me. It's a different range and measurement *umol/l and on NHS it was g/l). My November test on NHS my iron was 143 in a range up to 165 g/l. So I can't work out how it differs to my November test, can anyone shed any light on that please? All I have changed supplement wise is I take 2 tsp of Feroglobin iron liquid which is 14mg, I was taking just 1 tsp a day. I increased it to increase my low ferritin which was 34 in November and has always been low. Surely increasing the feroglobin can't be a cause. My haemoaglobin has never been low but also never been high, always around 140 on an NHS test. I found a convaertor online an iron level of 32 equals on the NHS a HB of 18.2!! No way has my HB gone from 14.3 to that, how?? I have never had an iron issue other than low ferritin.

IRON *32.58 umol/L 6.60 -26.00

T.I.B.C 73.48 umol/L 41.00 -77.00

TRANSFERRIN SATURATION 44.34 % 20.00 -55.00

TRIGLYCERIDES 1.76 mmol/L 0.00 -2.30

TOTAL CHOLESTEROL 4.62 mmol/L 0.00 -4.99

HDL CHOLESTEROL *1.19 mmol/L 1.20 -1.70

LDL CHOLESTEROL 2.63 mmol/L 0.00 -3.00

Kidney Function

SODIUM *134 mmol/L 135.00 -145.00

UREA 2.8 mmol/L 1.70 -8.30

CREATININE 66 umol/L 49.00 -92.00

Liver Function




CK 97 IU/L 26.00 -140.00

GAMMA GT 19 IU/L 6.00 -42.00

BILIRUBIN 5.7 umol/L 0.00 -20.00

ProteinsTOTAL PROTEIN 73.6 g/L 63.00 -83.00

ALBUMIN 39.8 g/L 34.00 -50.00

GLOBULIN 33.8 g/L 19.00 -35.00

Bone Health

CALCIUM 2.31 mmol/L 2.20 -2.60

CORRECTED CALCIUM 2.31 mmol/L 2.20 -2.60

Gout URIC ACID 312 umol/L 175.00 -363.00

CRP -HIGH SENSITIVITY 3.2 mg/L 0.00 -5.00


TSH 1.7 (0.27-4.2)

FT4 19.6 (12-22)

FT3 5.11 (3.1-6.8)

I have been on 75mg of levo the last 7 weeks. My TSH came down to 2.6 in November but rose again by January to 5.9 ish. It's come down well in 7 weeks but in the last 5 weeks i have felt worse and I do think the higher dose of levo isn't agreeing with me. I feel exhausted, weak, dry mouth... generally feel ill all day, worse than before. I haven't spoken to my GP about this yet but I am guessing he will be pleased with the thyroid results.

If anyone can shed any light on my results I'd appreciate it as I am very scared about what could be causing the high iron and I can't compare it against my NHS ones to reasure myself either. My husband has a liver issue, his ALT is high, much higher than mine but the GP has reassured us they dont get concerned until it's well into the hundreds. But why would my liver results be slightly raised? surely this is a cause for concern

Any advice appreciated on any of the results.



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Do you have the results from the full blood count part of your test? If so edit your post and post them in. Iron levels are difficult to determine looked at in isolation.


Not until the end of the week as that bottle clotted, and it also will be testing Ferritin and HBA1c. Trust that one to clot!


Ok then you need to be patient. When you get them post all the results together in a new thread.

Also the different measurements look at different things do don't use converters as they will panic you for no reason.


Thank you. I just got so scared seeing the high iron.I have had low ferritin levels even as low as 8, for a decade or more. Never been over 49. Last test it was 32, 3 months ago. Haemoglobin has always been good at 14 ish. Never high and never low.

I am worried sick now why I have high iron and why liver levels up slightly. I wish I never had the test lol!


Also ask your doctor for a dose increase in levo. Your FT3 could be a tiny bit higher.

Have you had your vitamin B12, folate and vitamin D levels tested in the last year preferably the last few months? If so post the results and ranges.


Yes all in November 2016

B12 was 497 (190-900)

Ferritin 32 - 15-150

Folate 24 >3

Vitamin D was last summer and was 75


Forgot to ask for you have Hashimotos?


No I don't. Had 3 tests for antibodies, all normal.


My ferritin came back today. 57.8. Highest it's ever been in a range of 30-150.


If you were supplementing iron to get your ferritin up it could explain the high serum iron result.

If not then that, your increased ferritin and your CRP not being very low is due to having hypothyroidism which has not been treated properly for a long time e.g. chronic disease.


I was using Feroglobin liquid as I cannot tolerate tablets from the GP. I used to just take 1tsp a day of iron which was 7mg but after my ferritin came back in November at 32 I decided to increase to the 14mg, so 2 spoons. Since then ferritin has increased to 57 but with it HB has gone too high. my iron level is usually 14.8 max. I did worry if I have a good iron level but low ferritin, if I supplemented iron would that cause the iron level to go to high if its not low in the first place. My GP never told me it could do that. In the past I have supplemented when my fertitin was between 8 and 15 and it never effected the iron level itself, that always stayed around 14.8.

Do you think then this could be the cause?

My CRP is in range, under 5? it's always been about 2 but this time 3, but I assumed that 3 is normal?


What is your actual haemoglobin, Hb, not the one you estimated? It isn't in your results.


I assumed that iron result was my haemaglobin result? or am I wrong?

I am still waiting on the full blood count result which should be back by Friday, I had to re do it as the sample clotted.


Yes you are wrong.

The iron result is serum iron which is different from haemoglobin (also called haemoglobin estimate)

It is a test that can be useful with an iron panel plus ferritin level, liver and kidney function tests if there is something wrong with your red blood cells.

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I see. Yes I've just seen haemoglobin will be within the full blood count result.

Is it likely my haemoglobin result will be high if the iron level is high but ferritin normal?

I'm not sure if my gp will be concerned about this iron level being high. Im worrying about the fbc results now because of this one off high iron and slightly raised liver enzymes.

Thank you for your help.


Nope your haemoglobin level will not necessarily be high as the different iron levels can act independently of each other for various reasons.

Also I consider your ferritin level to be low rather than "normal". "Normal" on this forum is considered to be half way through range up to about 100.

Just post the result the result for haemoglobin so you can stop worrying.

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I will do. Thank you.


Hi - the Medichecks Essential Blood Test sounds so well priced ! Is it

a home finger prick test or at clinic ? If you don't mind, could you

p.m. me with phone number to enquire about this test please. Do

you need a Drs request for testing ? Grateful for info. Thank you


Home finger prick. You fill 2 tubes.

Hope that helps.


Bluebug is right - wait til you get your other results before worrying.

I've never used Medichecks myself, so no idea how reliable their

tests are ? But they've been around for a while haven't they.

Your Dr will go through results with you won't he & your'll get advice

on this forum I'm sure.


I've used them for a long time and they use accredited labs and thyroid UK now recommend them.


At least your assured about the results then.

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Yes they usually match the nhs. Not had issues with them before.


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