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Please advise on blood test results

I have just had my blood test results since taking 100mcg Levo, increased from 75mcg/100mcg on alternate days.

Free Thyroxine 22.9 pmol/L 11.0 - 23.0

TSH 0.59 mU/L 0.3 - 5.5

Free T3 5.7 pmol/L 4.1 - 7.9


25 Hydroxyvitamin D 89 nmol/L

Reference range. 51-250 nmol/L Adequate


B12 341 ng/L 190 - 800


Folate * >24.0 ug/L 3.9 - 14


Ferritin. 33 ug/L 13 - 150

Haemoglobin 126. g/L. 115 - 165

If anyone can comment on these results I would much appreciate it. To me they look ok. Folate looks a bit high others seem in range..

Although my Ferritin looks low apparently my haemoglobin is good (according to GP). I still feel quite tired and have muscle/joint aches, but not as bad as I did feel. Any suggestions to alleviate these symptoms. I have only been on Levo since July, after a TT last June. Any suggestions appreciated...

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Your B12 is too low. Your folate is very high.

Your ferritin is too low and your haemoglobin could be slightly higher.

For you B12 I would go over to the pernicious anaemia society on health unlocked and post your vitamin B12 and folate levels and ask them what they advise you to do.

In regards to your ferritin you need to treat it yourself as the NHS won't let GPs do so. The NICE guidelines state a ferritin level of 12 is sufficient for women. However other research have pointed to levels over 50, levels of 75 and levels of 100 as being better for women.

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You want your ferritin halfway in it's range.

To get that you need to take a iron tablet with around 65mg of iron in it. The cheapest is ferrous fumerate or ferrous sulphate which you can buy behind the pharmacy counter or online. If you buy it from a pharmacist go to one you don't get the rest of your prescription medications from as you have to tell the pharmacist something like - I have been told by my doctor that my iron level is too low and I need to buy some ferrous fumerate, which is cheaper off prescription. The pharmacist can refuse to give it to you. This is why it is best to choose one you don't get the rest of your prescriptions from.

If you buy it online check that the company selling it is actually a pharmacist.

You then take one a day with vitamin C and water. 4 hours away from thyroid medication and 2 hours away from other food, drink and supplements. This is to avoid interactions.

After you have finished the packet or jar, you wait a week then have a test. This test you have to arrange privately using either Medichecks or Blue Horizons. You MUST have this test as too much iron is poisonous.

Once you get your ferritin level up you must maintain it. The easiest way is eating liver once or twice a week. Bury the liver in other red meat dishes if you don't like the taste.


For testing go to the main site - and look under testing.


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