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First NDT bloods back - advice please

I've been on NDT since early November. I'm on 2 grains of Thyriod S a day & am feeling much better. But I felt that maybe I needed a slight increase in dose but wanted to wait for my recent blood results. These have been done by my GP so only TSH & FT4 have been tested this time (could have really done with FT3 too).

STTM says for those on NDT - Ft3 should be upper 1/4th of the range

FT4 middle of the range or higher

TSH below 0.5.

Obviously I need to check Ft3 but I'm not losing weight so I feel that I'm not quite medicated properly. Any advice or suggestions?

I realise that my folate & D3 are low & have been supplementing but I'm unsure if this has worked as it hasn't been tested. I'm thinking it maybe worth paying for some BH tests.

I've put my previous results in as well in case that influences any advice.

Many thanks


TSH <0.03 (0.2 - 6)

FT4 12.7 (10 - 20)


TSH 3.4 (0.2 - 6)

Vit D 61 (50-100)

B12 1295 (180-910)

Folate 4.91 (5.4 – 24)


TSH 4.66 (0.27-4.2)

Total T4 100.5 (64.5-142)

Ft3 5.4 (3.1-6.8)

FT4 16.22 (12-22)

AntiP 6.4 (<34)

AntiG 11.4 (<115)

B12 256 (Insufficient 140-250)

Folate 13.4 (10.4-42.4)


TSH 3 (0.2-6)

B12 285 (180-910)

Ferritin 41.4 (10-291

Folate 3.49 (5.4 -24)

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It is how "we feel which is the best way to judge". Also when taking NDT you should increase by a small dose about every week or two, taking notice of your pulse/temp as well. If you begin to feel you're on too much drop to previous dose. Sometimes all we need is a very small dose increase.



TSH is suppressed so I would get FT3 tested before increasing dose because you don't really want FT3 over range. Weightloss doesn't necessarily mean you are optimally medicated, it can indicate over medication.

FT4 is usually a lot lower when taking NDT than when you were taking Levothyroxine. Many people on NDT have FT4 below range.


Hi Jusliloldme, glad you are feeling better on NDT. You have only been taking it for two months which is not long and you don't say how long you have been on 2 grains. Everybody is different, but I have been taking NDT since last August and am currently on 1 1/5 grain. I go 'low and slow' so there is plenty of time to adjust to the new hormones and give the benefits. You may find this article helpful:

Good luck!


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