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Blood results advice please

I'm after a bit of advice for my mum. She is feeling tired all the time and has high/fluctuating blood pressure, high cholesterol, impaired glucose metabolism and some abnormal kidney results. Her GP says her thyroid is fine (surprise surprise!) but I'd be grateful for any thoughts. Would you try thyroid replacement with these results? Would it be better to get the B12 up and/or test adrenals first? Thanks.

TSH 3.05 (0.27-4.2)

FT4 15.0 (12.0-22.0)

TT4 88 (59-154)

FT3 3.4 (3.1-6.8)

Thyroglobulin antibody 40.4 (0-115)

Thyroid peroxidase antibody 9.4 (0-34)

Ferritin 66 (10-291)

Folate 14.9 (>5.4)

Vitamin B12 444 (181-910)

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Is she on medication for her blood pressure? 

Also has she has a vitamin D test?

From the results given so far higher B12 and a slightly higher ferritin level would be a good idea.


Hi Bluebug. Thanks for your reply. She isn't on any medication yet - her GP wants to retest in 3 months before deciding about possible medication for blood pressure and/or glucose regulation. She hasn't had vitamin D tested but she has been taking vitamin D supplements for several years. She's started a multivitamin now, which has iron and B12, and we were thinking of maybe adding some extra B12 on top of that.


Hi, she is best to take vitamins individually and not as a multi vit as they tend to absorb better which I learned from the lovely people on here. I take vit C, sellenium, d3, k2, iron and folic acid, B12. Since taking them individually I feel better was taking them in multi vitamin form for years but they didn't do much. 


She needs to be tested for her vitamin D status asap. Due to the poor weather so far this year it will be at the lowest level now. If the GP refuses to do it then City Assays do a home testing kit for £30.

A multivitamin is not enough to raise her B12 levels or any deficiency levels. In addition some of the ingredients in some multivitamins interact with each other ensuring that you don't absorb what you think you are. So you need to take separate supplements. 

Oh and if your mother was in certain other countries with a TSH over 3 she would definitely be treated. Unfortunately in the UK they don't treat on symptoms but test results, and according to the results she is in range.

Also waiting 3 months to test her high blood pressure isn't a good idea. If your surgery has a blood pressure monitor at reception then go in at least every two weeks and do it yourself. Alternatively  buy one (a recommended brand is Omron) from Argos/Boots and get it done weekly. Either way record the results. Then when you see the GP next take them in with you. 


A TSH of over 3 is hypo. And her FT3 is very low. Is this the first thyroid test she's had? If so, might be a good idea to wait for a few months and then test again to see if the highish TSH was just due to an infection of some sort.

In the meantime, yes, bring up her iron and vit B12. 1000 is optimal for B12, so I would suggest taking 1000 mcg sublingual methylcobalamin daily, along with a B complex, containing methylfolate rather than folic acid, to keep the Bs balanced.

Forget the multi-vit, they're a waste of money and won't bring up her iron or B12. Multi-vits are actually for healthy people that Don't need them! lol Sorry, I can't advise about iron, but she should be taking some sort of iron supplement, along with 1000 mg vit C to aid absorption.

It would be a very good idea to get her vit D tested, that is bound to be low, I think. Her high blood pressure and cholesterol are more than likely due to her low T3, so I wouldn't rush into taking drugs for them until her thyroid hormone levels are better. You might find they Don't need drugs after all.

Her glucose metabolism and kidney problems could also be due to low T3. However, doctors know nothing about T3 and believe that your thyroid is 'fine' until your TSH hits that magical number of ten!!!   


Your Mum's Free T3 is low in range. 

America and Europe's TSH range have been lowered and now start at 2.5  so your Mum is really Hypothyroid. (she has - Low Thyroid)

Also HIGH cholesterol has an inverted effect on LOW thyroid, years ago Doctors knew that having a high cholesterol meant you probably had Hypothyroidism and would treat with NDT Natural Dessicated (pigs) Thyroid, (NDT is still available, I take it now,) till you were on the enough dosage, your high cholesterol would  have returned back to normal and your low thyroid should have gone back up to normal. 

You say your Mum has some abnormal kidney results, a thought immediately crossed my mind I do hope your Mum has not been put onto a Statin ? Do check her medication to see if the statin word is in among any medication she takes. Statins caused my Mum kidney failure, my Mum is now sadly on dialysis 3 times a week, (kidney failure is a listed cause of taking these dangerous statins.) 

Also I read of a study that said statins can bring on diabettes in 80% of post menopusal women, though I am not surprised as my Mother's diabettes was also worsened and caused terrible leg ulcers too.     


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