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Hi there,

I'm new here and I am wondering what you will think of my thyroid. It all began in september 2008, I was suddenly really ill. After a couple of weeks I got a blood test which only showed a possible thyroid problem. It's been going on for six years now, I've often asked to get retested and finally I'm on Levothyroxine since a couple of days (starting 25mcg, blood test over 2 weeks and app with GP). I would like to hear your opinion on this and if somebody can explain why the FT4 is dropping. Vit. B12 was low (192), had injections and now tablets. Vit. D was low (35) and is now 75 thanks to supplements (still taking them). Iron is okay. Here are my results of the 6 years:

September 2008:

TSH 5.4 (range 0.5-5.0)

FT4 18 (range 10-25)

November 2008:

TSH 3.0 (range 0.5-5.0)

FT4 16 (range 10-25)

June 2010:

TSH 3.4 (range 0.5-5.0)

FT4 20 (range 9-24)

March 2012:

TSH 10 (range 0.5-5.0)

FT4 17 (range 9-24)

December 2012:

TSH 6.9 (range 0.5-5.0)

FT4 20 (range 9-24)

Anti-TPO negative

October 2013:

TSH 6.0 (no range on the results)

FT4 16 (no range on the results)

Anti-TPO 70 (with a sign that it's elevated)

June 2014:

TSH 6.9 (range 0,35-4,7)

FT4 15 (range 10-23)

10 october 2014:

TSH 4,07 (range 0.5-5.0)

FT4 13,7 (range 9-24)

21 october 2014:

TSH 8,4 (range 0.5-5.0)

FT4 13,3 (range 9-24)

27 october 2014:

TSH 7,9 (range 0.5-5.0)

FT4 12,9 (range 9-24)

Anti-TPO <26 (no range on results)

I have to say that I always try my best to get the blood test done as early as possible. The lower TSH results were done midday or evening.

Also, my GP said that when the TSH hits normal range (I believe she means 0.5-5.0) then there is no reason to increase the dose. I've read that this is incorrect but I'm wondering if she will listen to me.

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i have the same problem with my thyroid. its up and down. i get my blood tested every 6 weeks because of it. my doctor told me to change the way i eat. that has a big part in it and it helped me a lot.

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Thank you for your reply. I'm already on a diet, I am eating paleo, nothing has changed in my results.


what else r u eating


'Had B12 injections' - did they stop? B12 has to be in range and optimal otherwise your thyroid will suffer...


Yes they stopped and I went on with high dose supplements. It is in range as for as I know.

FT3 was also checked last time but I don't have the results, only know that it is normal.


Ok - but B12 injections are usually given due to the fact those deficient cannot absorb it in the gut- no intrinsic factor (I think) I hope the high-dose supplements work. There is a boost spray which can be absorbed under the tongue, avoiding problems.

Rt3 is formed from T4 instead of T3 - either as a failsafe because its not needed (too much T4) or because of conversion problems - iron, selenium etc needed too, it's connected with hibernation...

Excuse my manners Flower - welcome to the site.. Jane :D


Thank you Jane! I know, the high dose supplement I take is under the tongue, to avoid the stomach.

I've got a feeling all my symptoms are because of my thyroid because when it all started that was the only thing out of range and still is.

Just concerned now that I finally am on meds that it's not going to be enough. What if my GP thinks a TSH of 4 or 5 is great while on it? Then I will never know if this is the main problem. Hoping now that I can go from 25mcg to 50mcg after two weeks.


Possible thyroid problem? Possible doctor problem more like. You should have been on meds years ago. You have antibodies, so the thyroid won't miraculously get better.... You need your tsh to be below 1 if you are on meds. Never mind what the doc is saying.... This would be the same doc who has left you to suffer for years?

The ft4 drops because the thyroid is being killed off and is struggling to make enough hormones. This is why the tsh rises... It is trying to stimulate your thyroid into making more hormones.

You should start to feel a little bit better in a week or so... But will need your thyroid hormones testing in 6 weeks and probably an increase in meds. You are looking to get your free t4 at the top of,or just over range if needs be and consequently your tsh should fall to under 1. If your doc refuses to increase your dose and leaves you with hypothyroud symptoms, ask, in writing for a referral to an endocrinologist who specialises in thyroid. ( most just do diabetes). Your doc has already proven he does not understand the problem, by leaving you ill for so long.

if you contact Louise on this forum, she can provide you with lists of the endos we have tried and who have been found to be willing to help.

Suggest you have a look at the website belonging to thyroid uk.... uk for a

better insight.

Xx. G

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Thank you so much!! In october 2013 I had a bit elevated anti bodies but now it said <26..My GP said nothing about it so I guessed it's okay then. She said I'm subclinical hypothyroid.

And no, I've seen many doctors, this GP is a new one actually. They all said FT4 is in range so there is no thyroid problem.

I'm thinking it is my thyroid so I'm glad I'm on the meds and I'm glad with your answer.


Hi, antibodies can rise and fall, depending up in whether your thyroid is being attacked or not. The fact that they are low at the moment doesn't mean they won't rise again as they have in the past.

The free t4 may be in range, but it is clearly dropping and the tsh is rising to counteract the dropping t4 . In these situations dr Antony toft, an endo with a good pedigree says you should be given meds to nip any problems in the bud.

Have a look at his book.... Understanding thyroid problems.... . . From amazon or your Local chemist and its written in conjuction with the BMA .....

G xx


Flower, TSH anywhere in range isn't good enough. TSH of people on medication is usually comfortable just above or below 1.0 but some need it lower, or even suppressed, to feel well. If you remain symptomatic and your TSH is above 1.0 your dose should be increased. If your GP doesn't agree you need to see someone more clued up.

Scroll down to Guidelines and Treatment Options to read Dr. A. Toft's comments in Pulse Magazine If you want a copy of the article to show your GP email

Take your Levothyroxine with a full glass of water on an empty stomach one hour before or two hours after food and drink, two hours away from other medication and supplements and four hours away from vitamin D3, calcium, iron and oestrogen.


I went to my GPs office today to get a copy of the latest blood results. The ranges are a bit different than I posted above and I've got the FT3 results, this is what it says:

10 october 2014:

TSH 4,07 (range 0,27-4,20)

FT4 13,70 (range 10,0-19,0)

FT3 4,60 (range 3,5-5,9)

21 october 2014:

TSH 8,43 (range 0,27-4,20)

FT4 13,30 (range 10,0-19,0)

FT3 4,40 (range 3,5-5,9)

27 october 2014

TSH 7,80 (range 0,27-4,20)

FT4 12,9 (range 10,0-19,0)

The FT3 looks good, right? FT4 is low range. I will get my blood test next week and on friday I will get the results, will post them here. Thank you all for your help.


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