Do I need selenium if I'm taking NDT?

Hi all,

I have in the last 2 months moved over to NDT, I'm now on 3 grains a day split morning and afternoon.

I am also taking feratin, b12, vit C, zinc, magnesium and progesterone. It's a nightmare to time all of this properly and I can wait to be able to drop some of the vitamins once I get my levels up, especially the ferritin as it blocks other vitamins from working.

My question is; i was taking 400mg of selenium a day when I was taking Levo to help with the conversion. It turns out I can't convert T4 into T3, hence the doctor has put me on NDT, but I don't know if I should still be taking selenium still now I'm on NDT? As obviously now I don't need extra help to convert as I'm now getting T1,T2,T3 and T4 from my NDT.

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  • mpsun What is your ferritin level? Eating liver once a week is very effective in raising ferritin. I've done it without an iron supplement, just liver.

    If you have Hashimoto's then you'll need selenium as it helps reduce antibody attacks. I can't say whether you still need it when on NDT. I'm on Levo + T3 and I take selenium on the advice of my practioner, I'm not Hashi's.

  • Hi, yes I'm also hashi, and I have graves. My antibodies are off the scale at the moment. I have loads of muscle pain and dreadful headaches, almost every other day. The pain is awful. 50% of my hair fell out but that's slowed down now and I have had an iron injection and now I'm on the ferritin.

  • mpsun Have you been given any information and advice about Hashi's? Are you strictly gluten free as this helps many members reduce the antibody attacks. Keeping TSH very low or suppressed also helps.

    Information about Hashi's:

    Gluten/thyroid connection:

    Have you had Vit D tested? Low level can cause aches and pains.

  • Thank you. I am trying to stay gluten free, but keep falling off the wagon. I have made so many life changes it's ridiculous. My tsh has always been 0.01 but recently it's risen to 3. My vitamin D was ok, but not optimal so I'm going to start taking it again. Vitamin D with K2 i think it is. I live in southern spain so I get a lot of vitamin D from the sun. I will take a read of the links. Thanks again to all.

  • Yes, K2-K7 with D3, also magnesium is another important co-factor. Recommended level for Vit D is 100-250nmol/L.

  • Well, you might possibly be getting T1 and T2, but there's absolutely no guarantee. And, if you were getting them in NDT, it would be such a tiny amount as to be almost insignificant.

    Most T1 and T2 is made by conversion, not by the thyroid gland. So, you would still need to be able to convert T3 and rT3 into T2, and T2 into T1. So, if I were you, I would continue taking the selenium. :)

  • Whilst I agree wholeheartedly about the conversions, T2 and T1, etc., I feel that 400 micrograms is a higher dose of selenium than I would choose - at least long-term.

    Maybe 100 micrograms a day? After all, we will be getting at least a little selenium in our diets and the daily requirement is usually said to be well under 100 micrograms a day. Or 200 micrograms every other day?

  • Yes, agree with helvella. The quantity didn't register in my brain! But 400 is rather a lot. Whilst selenium is an essential nutrient, you can have too much. Too much can be toxic.

  • Ho there, the doctor put me in 400mg of selenium when I was on Levo, but then I changed to NDT. A single tablet is 200mg.

  • Yes, a single tablet is what is usually recommended, whether you're on levo or whatever. You shouldn't really take more. Doctors know absolutely nothing about nutrition.

  • I had been taking too much selenium. I recently read 200 mcg only - a naturopathic doctor's book. So that I do agree. And with selenium available in good foods, that will be enough.

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