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I decided to add T3 to my NDT

I am new, I mean not in hypothyroid world but on this forum. All the usernames I wanted were already occupied so I finished with this silly letters, but never mind. As many here I am self-medicating with NDT for slightly over a year. I take 3.5 grains but I somehow think I need more T3 because I just don't feel completely well. I tried to take more but this didn't help. I know lots of people take T3 with T4 or only T3, but I don't know how many of you are taking combined NDT with T3. Is this a good idea and will it work? I just ordered T3 from Greece so when I start with it should I just add it to my 3.5 grains or should I cut down my NDT. Thanks.

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Welcome to the forum, yxyzxyz.

The proportions of T4 and T3 in NDT don't suit everyone so some do add T4 or T3 to NDT. As to whether you should add T3 to 3.5grains we would need to see recent thyroid results, particularly FT3 to be able to advise.

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Hi clutter could you please advise whether i would benefit from added t3 im taking 3 1/2 grains of ndt but still not in range eith t4. Results are on a previous post. Many thanks. Mary


I started NDT last July and raised up to 3 grains but realised is actually felt better on the way up so dropped down in stages to 2 and feel pretty good there. So you really need to do your bloods as you could be over dosing as well


Really interesting you say that because I started NDT just a little later than you and am now on 3.5 grains. I had initial great results as I was increasing the dose from1 grain, but kept feeling like they wore off after a couple of months so i increased....but maybe I should also try going down again!


So given both mine and silverfox7's experiences perhaps the thing to do is first reduce the NDT slowly, give it a few weeks and then add the T3 if still not feeling better...?


I would take down in half tablets and settle on each half for st least 3 weeks. If you feel worse then add a quarter as may be a half was too much. If you feel no different then you are still probably taking too much so drop down again. I couldn't believe I was so much over-I mistakenly said I dropped down to 2 grains but it was actually 1.75! If you think you have reached the right place then leave it 6 weeks then retest and post your results. Your readings should be suppressed TSH, FT4 can drop down to half way but FT3 should be high in the range. Don't rush it so you can really listen to what your body is telling you.


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