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New to NDT need advice


Hi I changed over to self medicating with NDT 5 weeks ago and currently I'm taking 1 1/2 grain a day ! My GP is not even aware I have stopped taking my Levo and my dose was I was 100 mcg a day with weight gain and other symptoms. I have heard that I can take up to 2 1/2 grains a day of NDT but not sure how to proceed as I currently take 1 grain when I wake up and 1/2 grain at bedtime. I take all my vitamins required to optimise my medication early afternoon always after eating lunch. I also always wait 3 hours after taking my NDT before taking my vitamins coupled with waiting for an hour after NDT before breakfast/ drinking tea with milk. So I really don't know how I can fit in another dose ? I want to try upping it by half a grain next week but not sure if this is too much ! Any advice would be appreciated

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1.5 grains NDT is equivalent to 112mcg Levothyroxine. You can add 1/2 grain to your morning or night time dose. Hold at 2 grains for 6-8 weeks and have a thyroid test including FT3 before increasing further.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

You don't have to split your dose. I don't. And there isn't a top limit of 2.5 grains - you can take more than that if needed. I take 3 grains every morning.

Carriebaby in reply to Jazzw

Oh we're you ever on Levothyroxine ? And if so what was your dose.? I am just a bit scared I take it you self medicate and did you just keep raising the dose until you got heart palpatations ? Sorry for all the questions

Jazzw in reply to Carriebaby

Yes, I self medicate and no, I was never on levo. And no, didn't increase dose until I got palpitations - I raised slowly, letting each half grain take effect for at least a fortnight before raising again. I was on 2 grains for about a year but did a private Blue Horizon blood test in April because I wasn't feeling well and found I was undermedicated. So I raised to 3 grains, which is what I've been on since - need to do another blood test really but I don't feel overmedicated - if anything, slightly undermedicated, although I'm up and down at the moment because I lost my other half to cancer just over a fortnight ago. Can't quite work out whether it's grief or undermedication...

Pulse and temperature on the standard things to measure if you want to monitor how you're doing without doing blood tests.

Carriebaby in reply to Jazzw

So so for your loss terrible ! Thank you for messaging take care X

I have a 4pm 1/2 grain dose but I'm going to try 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening from today instead of 3 doses. Mainly because it's a pain to have a PM dose more than anything. Not sure about taking it all in one go though? Taking 1 pill sublingually is difficult enough as it is, I won't know where to fit 4 1/2 pills in my mouth in a go! (oh the logistics)

Do you take yours sublingually? I read because it goes directly into the bloodstream you don't have to be as strict with the dietary/vitamin avoidance, if that helps with your timetabling.

Jazzw in reply to vixvixvix

Pretty sure I've read that taking it sublingually is a waste of time - the molecules are too big to pass through the oral mucosa.

If you search for "sublingually" in the search bar above you'll probably find more about that.

vixvixvix in reply to Jazzw

I've read that too but that method works better for me so that's how I take mine. Conversely, sublingual b12 gives me palpitations so I just swallow. Everyone's different, eh?

vixvixvix in reply to vixvixvix

FYI - just in case you're interested. 2x 1/2 grains at night is definitely a bad idea for me. I feel much better doing 1 am + 1/2 pm + 1/2 night time. Headache, palpitations, weirdness. urgh. Nope. Experiment over. Back to the faff tomorrow.

I was on 100 levo, now on 1.5 grains most days with 2 grains every third day. Over the winter I up to 2 grains per day.

Just a quick note to Jazzw - so sorry to hear of your loss. Go easy on yourself and give yourself a treat every day. So sorry.

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