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Do I have Hashi's

Could you please look at my most recent blood results and advise?


CRP 1.00

Ferritin 83.1

Thyroid Function

TSH 0.28

T4 Total 108.4

Free T4 18.54

Free T3 3.68


Anti-Thyroidperoxidase abs <5.0

Anti-Thyroglobulin Abs 12.9


Vitamin D (25 OH) L 44

Vitamin B12 L 163

Serum Folate 14.76

I have an underactive thyroid and treat it with T4 only. (Levo)

I know I need to raise my B12, Vit D, Ferritin and Folate. From reading previous posts I know what I should be taking and which brands to do this for everything except my folate, so could you please advise on what I should be taking, which brand and what dosage?

I suspect that these result show that I have Hashi's? Is that correct? I know if I have it, I need to adapt a completely gluten free diet. Is there anything else I should be doing?

Looking at my TSH, T4 and T3 levels, I think they show that my TSH is great, and my T4 is good (could maybe be a little higher?) and that my T3 is low, meaning that I need to take T3? Is this a correct assessment?

Any advice you can give me will be very gratefully received ....

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Treble Is this a Blue Horizon test? Reference ranges are needed when giving test results, the numbers on their own don't mean anything as ranges vary from lab to lab.

It looks like Blue Horizon and I know their ranges so I will comment based on that.

Your antibody results do not confirm Hashimoto's. TPO antibodies need to be greater than 34, and TG greater than 115, to confirm Hashi's. Your TPO is less than 5 and your TG 12.9. One positive result does confirm it, but one low result doesn't rule it out. You'd need a couple more results like yours over time to rule it out.

Again, assuming BH tests, your TSH is good, your FT4 is also pretty good - just about at the top third of the range, but your FT3 is low if the range is 3.1-6.8 indicating poor conversion. Conversion can be helped by supplementing with selenium - 200mcg L-selenomethionine daily. It can also be helped by optimal vitamins and minerals and you seem to know what you should take.

When taking B12 we need to take a B Complex to balance the B vits and if you get Thorne Basic B or Jarrows B Right both of these contain 400mcg ! methylfolate which will raise your folate level. You need it to be at least half way through it's range and if it's BH the range is 10.4-42.4 so you should aim for a minimum of 26+. Eating leafy greens also helps raise folate.

You should optimise all your vits and mins and supplement with selenium as a first step. If conversion remains poor then the addition of T3 or changing to natural dessicated thyroid are two options to be considered.

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Many thanks Seaside Susie. And yes to the Blue Horizon. I will go down the vitamin route as a starting point. Much appreciated.


Your welcome :)


Thank you for your reply eljii. Any suggestions as to what I can do about it?


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