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TSH low, ft3 low, ft4 high... Still feel awful!

Hi everyone, wondered if you can help explain...

Blood test results 5 weeks ago

TSH 3.54. (0.3 - 5.5)

FT3 3.7. (3.1 - 6.8)

FT4 25.3. (12 - 22)

TPO >600 <34

B12 1,107 (197 - 771) High!

Calcium 2.39 (2.2 - 2.6)

Vitamin D 92 (50 - 144)

Ferritin. 25 (15 - 150)

Folate. 12.5 (3.8 - 16)

HBA1C 5.4 (4.0 - 5.9)

Cortisol. 429 (166 - 507)

Today's blood result:

TSH 0.38 (0.3-5.5)

FT4 26.3. (12-22)

FT3 4.1 (3.1-6.8)

I am taking 2 ferrous Fumerate a day with 1g Vitamin C 2 hours away from food and 4 hours away from 100mg Levothyroxine that I take late at night away from food, vitamins and minerals. I also take 200mg Selenium. I also take vitamin A, E and folic acid.

My question is... Why has my TSH gone down so much in 5 weeks, why is my ft4 high and ft3 low? I am totally confused... What is going on?...

I am still fatigued, brain fog, forgetful, broken sleep, abit of anxiety, gluten free, diary free and much reduced sugar... Don't know what to do next? I am still off sick from work... Feel light headed when I go up the stairs or get up from a seated position... Can't stand for long without feeling weak and last but not least... Peri menopausal symptoms have hit me with a vengeance when I was a couple of days into being off sick! Hot flushes... Night sweats, I'm soaked during the day too!!

Can anyone help?... All the buses have come at once!

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I see from previous post you have very high antibodies. Are you now on a gluten free diet? It may really help


Also selenium supplements may help improve conversion and lower antibodies

Are you supplementing vitamin D, if so this may apply. You may need to supplement vitamin B complex to improve low Vit B 5 / B6




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Hi slow dragon

I am gluten and dairy free

Low sugar diet

Take 400mcg selenium

Not supplementing Vitamin D as it is mid range. Does it need to be higher? If so which vitamin D and what dosage please?

I am not taking a vitamin B complex... Which one would be good?

My doctor wants me to change my Levo Fromm 100mg to 75mg on alternate days... Is that wise when this could reduce my ft3 further so I feel even more exhausted?... I'm not sure.


So are you taking any B12?

That result for B12 was very high.

Good B complex usually recommended is either Thorne Basic B or Jarrow B right

When my FT4 was above range I felt very grim. Lowering dose from 150 down to 125 did help - a much bigger drop that you are considering. It wasn't easy, took a while to rebalance.

My B12 was over range, (not as high as yours) and I had never supplemented. I suspect this was due to very low B5. (Apparently all the B's need to work together) Now I am taking Thorne B complex and oral spray B12- more on my profile


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Hi SlowDragon

I am not supplementing B12 at all. Last year I used to take bee pollen tablets, I think they had a lot of b12 in?... Not sure but they did help with my energy levels. At that time I wasn't feeling as bad as I do now!

Will look into the B complex you suggest.

Thank you.


Before doing that ............Might be worth posting on PA site asking about possible causes of very high B12 result when not & never have been supplementing

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Hi SlowDragon

I have posted and I got a mixed reply. They said it wasn't that high for concern and to ask my doctor.

I asked my doctor and he said it was ok! As they do!!

Don't know why it's high...

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Just looked on Google - suggest you do the same - lots about high reading can be due to not being able to use it, perhaps due to other B issues

A full Blue horizon thyroid plus eleven test - and perhaps also an active b12 test, would reveal more



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I am gluten n diary free.

400mcg selenium per day

Iron twice a day, with 1gm vitamin C

I think I should start a b complex but don't know which one.

Not supplementing D3... Is 92 not high enough?...

Thank you.


Sounds likedrenals to me, plus you dont appear to be converting the free t4 into t3. Easiest wayvto try and work out what is going on, is to get a thermometer, take your temperature three or 4 tines a day and plot the averages on a graph..... You are doing the graph to track changes from day to day.... I did a post about this a while back...... Will add the link in a mo.....

G x

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Ty will read this x


Thank you galathea



Hi, I've bought a digital thermometer... Will try ur method starting tomorrow! Wish me luck!

And thank you for your help 😊

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Are you supplementing B12? It's pretty high

If not supplementing, Might be worth getting active B12 tests.

If not supplementing, then perhaps it's high, because other B's are low (apparently they have to kept in balance )

I don't ok if possible to test levels of B5 and/or B6

Apparently Low B5 upsets cortisol/adrenals


I think (but not sure) we can supplement B complex, without testing, as excess gets excreted any way

Someone more knowledgable might offer some views.

Or you could post a question on PA Health Unlocked site

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