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Adrenal saliva test results. Can anyone help please

Hi everyone

I am still so poorly although a slight improvement now added t3 to levothyroxine. I just can't seem to tollerate any thyroid medication. I had my thyroid removed 2011 due to graves and my health went down hill to practically bed bound.

Here's my results

Sample 1 22.42 (7.45-32.56)

Sample 2 9.06 (2.76-11.31)

Sample 3 5.01 (1.36-7.45)

JSample 4 7.78 (0.83-3.86) high

DHEA mean 0.63

DHEA cortisol ratio 0.034 0.015-0.150

Mines a very long story tried everything t4 injections, armour etc etc.

Everyone's given up on me. Last 2 years have been on pure thyroxine tablets. Symptoms nausea, dry retching, sweating badly, dizziness, head hissing extreme anxiety, stomach pain, head pressure (can't think) Only sleeping a couple of hours at a time and waking anxiety, sweating hair wet through looks greasy but is very dry., very bad hair loss. Only way I can describe is having the worst food poisoning and sun stroke and your half way there.

After they gave up with me on injections and discharged I was put on pure thyroxine tablets my tsh shot to 28 (after supposedly being in normal range on injections but I was so ill) In the first year of taking pure thyroxine 100mcg a day I managed to get TSH down to 12. My endo was not interested in my symptoms saying I need to take more, see you in 4 months, well I couldnt. I was just getting worse, gp did another blood test at the beginning of 2015, I was in a hysterical state. The blood test came back that I had double the amount I should have in my body and I hadn't taken any more levothyroxine. (This build up has happened twice before but everyone ignores it)

I have battled since then tsh has been up and down, with gp and Endo saying increase and decrease thyroxine. Dosent matter where it is I am still as bad.

I was about to give up when I saw Dr Maksoud in March this year, he said t4 was making me toxic and by keep giving me more t4 to lower tsh and increase t3 was making me ill. My tsh as he put wildly swinging up an down wasn't helping.

Ok these are my blood results

13/01/16 TSH 0.69 T4 17.6 T3 4.6 was on 100/125 levo alternate days was so ill anxiety sky high

29/01/16 TSH 0.24 T4 18.8 T3 4.1 still on 100/125 levo

07/03/16 TSH 2.1 T4 14.3 T3 3.7 I had reduced to 100 and 125 on every third day as couldnt cope.

12/5/16 TSH 9.9 T4 8.9 T3 3 after see Dr Maksoud 75 levo and 12.5 t3. Was feeling a bit better was actually able to sleep longer at night, nausea reduced and was able to sit in a chair for a while instead of flat in bed.

08/06/16 TSH 9.1 T4 10.7 T3 3.4 still on as above

/07/16 TSH 3.3 T4 12.3 T3 4.5 100 t4 and 12.5 t3 taken in small doses through the day as on last consultation I said I was reacting to the t3 as well so we was trying to see if better tolerated at small doses.

I have now reduced back to 75 levo and 12.5 t3 and awaiting blood test results.

Vit d ok and supp 20,000 a week

Was told b12 ok

Waiting for iron results again I know where in range but on the low side last time but I am taking Spatone sachet a day as my stomach can't tolerate much.

Photo of saliva test to follow as would not attach as I think I have waffled on too much.

Thanks in advance.


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Fionna Can you get the picture attached (you can edit your post and 'Add a photo'. Does your result follow the normal curve apart from the last one? What about your DHEA results? There are results for two samples as well as the mean result and DHEA cortisol ratio. Look under the graphic of your results, it's usually there. It's important for interpreting the test.

You can check Dr Myhill's website for information on how to interpret adrenal test results.

What are your latest thyroid results, including FT3 done at the same time as FT4. It's all well and good adding T3 to Levo but you need to know if you are converting, and how much T3 to add and if you need to reduce your Levo.

What about your Vitamins and Minerals? Have you got recent test results for B12, Vit D, Folate and Ferritin?


Hi Seasidesusie

Obviously you saw the graph but it has disappeared again. Sorry my t4 results are free t4.


The curve isn't too bad except for sample 4. What about your DHEA? Did you check out Dr Myhill's information about adrenal test results? Any info about your FT4/FT3 and your vitamin and mineral levels?


Thank you for your advise and links. I will have a good read when I get my brain to work.



I'm new to this site, just been re-diagnosed since I'm nearing the end of perimenopause. I had postpartum thyroiditis but was able to come off of levothyroxine for a good 5 years before everything flared again.

I was just wondering (and this may be totally obvious and already been checked a gazillion times) but have you been checked for hypoparathyroidism? Sometimes a surgeon does a poor job removing the thyroid gland and ends up removing the parathyroid glands as well. You don't have the classic muscle symptoms but you do have some of the others. Just a thought. You may want to get your serum PTH, calcium, phosphorous and magnesium levels checked.

I'm not sure how to post links, so don't know if this will work, but if it doesn't, just go to and look up their quick guide to hypoparathyroidism.

Wikipedia has some good information on symptoms that match yours as well.

Also, just my opinion, but you really need to get on a dose and stick with it for at least 6 to 8 weeks and preferably longer. It seems that your values are best with 100mcg of T4. I would stick with 100mcg (or maybe 88mcg - in-between 75 and 100) and then play with the T3 as you were doing. But your symptoms really point to something else going wrong, such as hypoparathyroid issues.


Hi Caliocat

Thank you for your help and advise. I agree your right regarding T4 dosage and adjusting my T3 . My TSH just keeps swinging from high to low and at any dose I feel just as bad.



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