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Trial of Naturethroid


Hi just wondered if anyone can make sense of this .

0n Levo 125mcg :-

TSH 0.15. (0.1- 5 )

Free T4 22 ( 8 -19)

T3 3.6. ( 2.1 - 6 )

Slightly over medicated so reduced to 100 mcg Levothyroxine

Bloods not repeated .

Few months later started on naturethroid v slowly increasing dose.

Bloods at 2 Grains

TSH 3.03 ( 0.27 - 4.2 )

FT4 7.45 ( 12 - 22 )

Total T4 40.4 ( 66 - 181 )

FT3 3.06 ( 2.46 - 3.53 )

B12 410.95 ( 332 - 590)

Folate 25.59 ( 12 - 34)

Vit D 91.35 ( 75 - 125 )

I started back on Levo 100 as my hair has seriously suffered during this time !

Main reason for trialling naturethroid was to increase my T3 😢

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Lots of people are having problems with nature throid since it's reformulation, myself included. After doing really well on it for over 6 months my levels suddenly began dropping. I have now switched to Thai thiroyd. Some people are even claiming the new nature throid is no better than a placebo.

As NatChap says a lot of us are having problems with Nature-Throid since it restarted production earlier this year. My FT3 level went down despite increasing to a higher dose than ever before. Unfortunately I don't think Nature-Throid is a brand to trial at the moment.

NatChap in reply to Framboise

I have over a £100 worth sat in my cupboard that I won't use...gutted about it but it was getting expensive too I suppose. Really feel for those that can't tolerate other brands.

Maybe21 in reply to NatChap

What do you take now NatChap ?

Maybe21 in reply to Maybe21

Just re read your first post sorry!

NatChap in reply to Maybe21

Thai thiroyd is massively cheaper too so if you get on with it it's a no brainer really x

Maybe21 in reply to NatChap

Thanks - take it you buy it from abroad ? ( realising you can’t say on here where 🤓)

NatChap in reply to Maybe21

Yes it does come from Thailand, would you like me to pm you my supplier?

Maybe21 in reply to NatChap

Yes please x

Framboise in reply to NatChap

So have I NatChap, £108 worth of it! I decided to get the latest prescription because this is the first time any doctor apart from Dr Skinner has believed I need thyroid hormones, and it's his preferred brand (but I think he's starting to change his mind now). I want to stay with him as it's so much easier than sourcing and self-treating which I had to do for years. In November though, if this batch isn't any better, I shall ask to switch to NP by Acella. I always keep a 3 month supply of Thyroid-S in stock as well, in case it's ever needed. It's interesting that the cheapest Thai brands never seem to have any problems, whereas since I started taking NDT, first Armour, then ERFA and now Nature-Throid have altered in some way.

NatChap in reply to Framboise

I have to self medicate as I can't get ndt on prescription so can't afford to risk buying anymore nature throid ☹️ although I had already been considering switching to one of the Thai brands due to nature throid putting the prices up. Just don't like wasting money.

Hi Maybe21,

You’re a poor converter. Have you thought of adding T3 to your Levo?

Maybe21 in reply to AnnaSo

Thanks - yes I’m going to get back to where I was with results taking Levo before and then look at either adding a little T3 or changing to different NDT . Possibly get the gene blood test or saliva - can’t remember which they test .

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