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Confused about blood results

I have been taking NDT for one year.First Naturthroid until April then Westhroid Pure. My tesults in February 2016 were:-

Folate 6.1 range 3-20

Ferritin 86.9 range 10-200

B12 421 range 180-90

TSH 1.78 range 0.30-4.20

T4 12.4 range 9-19

T3 3.4 range 2.60- 5.70

D 67

July 2016

Folate 12.5 range 3-20

Ferritin 72.3 range 10-200

B12 674 range 180-900

TSH 0.09 range 0.30-4.20

T4 11.6 range 9-19

T3 4 range 2.60 - 5.70


My T4 has reduced but T3 not increased much.Folate,D,and B12 increased,but ferritin reduced.TSH will reduce on NDT. I

I take supplements for ferritin,folate,B12 and D,also zinc and selenium.I still have some hypo symptoms,tiredness,brain fog,and had lost 11 lbs,but started to put weight back on.

I have Hashi's and avoid wheat and gluten.The last time my antibodies were checked they were fine and very low abot 34.

Any ideas if I am doing anything wrong please?? Thanks

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FT4 often drops when patients switch to NDT. I think you could increase dose to 2 grains in 1/2 grain increments at 2 week intervals. Ideally, FT3 will be between 5.0 - 5.7.

Ferritin dropped in July. I would increase iron and take it with 1,000mg vitamin C which will aid absorption and minimise constipation.

B12, folate and vitamin D are adequate. You may want to supplement 2,500iu D3 Oct-April when ultraviolet levels are too low to stimulate vitamin D.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


Thank you.Very helpful.


Blood tests are only a guide and on this link the doctor

treated his patients differently to the modern guidelines. First and most important is 'how the patient is feeling'.

As the websites are now archived due to Dr Lowe's early death, some links within the topics may not work but his advice is certainly excellent.

This may be helpful:

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Thank you.Very helpful


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