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Blood test results

Hi can anybody help me with explanation of my latest thyroid results:

Tsh 1.07 0.35-4.94

Free t3 3.67 2.63-5.70

Free t4. 13.3. 9-19

Ferritin. 71.11. 4.6 - 204

Folate. 18.1. 7-46.40

B12. 167. 138-652

Vit D. 45.5. 30-80

Kortizol. 191. 101-535

Atpo. 475.5. <5.6

Anti thyreoglobulin 270.6. <4.1


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I assume you got these tests abroad as some words are not English

But there's enough there to say you appear to have high TPO antibodies. Did you not have all your thyroid removed?

High Antibodies means Hashimoto's. It is possible to have Graves and Hashimoto's

Hashimoto's (and Graves) very many of us find gluten diet helps significantly.

Also common for gut to be affected leading to low vitamins

B12 is definitely low and vitamin D is also low

See SeasideSusie details of supplements

Suggest you email Louise at Thyroid Uk for list of recommended thyroid specialists.

You need to get vitamins at tip top levels to help thyroid hormones work


Hi SlowDragon.

Thank you for your response.

I did have my thyroid removed.

These blood tests are not from the uk. I had it done privately and went to see endocrinologist as well. I've been told I'm absolutely fine. After seeing my results I have asked her about my antibodies. And she said they are fine as long as tsh and t3 and t4 are fine. So why did she required it as diagnostic if they don't mean much? Could have saved the money there.

I have also developed urticaria on my back but mainly on my shoulders which comes and goes. It's very itchy and uncomfortable.

Then I asked her why am I so incredibly tired and gaining weight? I said I used to exercise and been on low carb diet and no one pound less in 2 month. I gave up the exercising and diet. I do still try avoid the carbs as much as I can. And trying to eat healthy and still gaining.

She said I can't give up it's a long process. Which I do understand.

I'm not scared of hard work of exercising especially when I see the results but when I can't see any change and still gaining the weight I could not motivate myself enough.

So this is bit of my story.



Just for the info

I'm taking 150 Levo every day.


Link about how if you had Hashimoto's before thyroidectomy then you still have Hashimoto's afterwards

Autoimmune disease Graves and Hashimoto's



Changing to a strictly gluten free diet may help. Certainly worth trying for 3-6 months.

Vitamin D may be ok - it's a different range from UK.

B12 looks low. Lots of posts on here about B12, plus vitamin B complex. Might be worth trying both together or taking B complex with high B12 in eg Igennus B complex.

Have to remember to stop taking any supplements with biotin in 3-4 days prior to any blood tests as biotin can falsely affect results.

Your FT4 is not very high, have you tried a small increase in dose, e.g. 150/175 alternate days

But you might do better adding small amount of T3

Email Louise for list of recommended thyroid specialists, choose one that offers T3 treatment as an option.

Perhaps put a post up here just asking about high TPO antibodies after Thyroid removal and about urticaria

Urticaria may be parasite related according to Izabella Wentz

And this is interesting


I had Graves' disease before operation. Treated with carbimazol and later PTU due to pregnancy.



You told me in a PM that the unit of measurement for your Vit D result is ug/L which I believe is the same as Ng/ml so the recommended level for Vit D, according to the Vit D Council is 40-60ng/ml (or ug/L). As yours is 45.5 then you are within the recommended range and if you would like to nudge it up a bit then something like 2000iu D3 daily will probably do that.

For D3's important cofactors, and guidance on your other results, this thread has the information you need

The recommended levels are

Folate - half way through it's range

B12 - very top of range, even 900-1000 for us hypos

Ferritin - minimum 70 bit I've see it said 100-130 for females


So after seeing my test results what would you recommend to take. Thanks


Im no sure that the ug/l is the same as ng/ml but I'll search for it now.


Ferritin I would eat liver once a week, 200g maximum, and eat iron rich foods

B12 I would check for signs of B12 Deficiency

Your level is far too low for me to feel comfortable suggesting what to supplement so I would discuss it over on the PA forum.

A good B Complex containing 400mcg methylfolate should raise your folate level.

Vit D as in previous reply.


Thank you


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