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Test Results

Hello just to see if anyone can shed any light on these results, Dr surgery said no further action: Just to see if I need iron? Thanks

I had terrible ongoing fatigue and chronic migraines when I asked to have my bloods redone I was taking 50 mcg of Levothyroxine and 25mcg of Liothyronine, I supplement my Vit b 12.

Bloods tested 13/06/2016 I fasted before hand

White Blood Count 9.0x 10^9/1

Red Cell Count 5.54 x 10^12/1

Haemoglobin 155g/l

Mean Cell Volume 85.2fl

MCH 28.0 pg

Platelet count 377 x10^9/1

Neutrophils 4.8 x 10^9/1

Lymphocytes 3.5 x10^9/1

Monocytes 0.5 x10^9/1

Eosinophils 0.3 x10^9/1

Basophils 0.1x10^9/1

Nucleated RBC 0x10^9/1

TSH 1.69 mU/L

Free T4 8.2

no T3 tested

Serum Vit B12 1157 ng/I

Serum Folate 8.1 ug/I

Serum Ferritin 32 ug/I

Serum Folate 8.1 ug/I

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Your iron is indeed too low - your ferritin should be over 70, preferably 100-ish, and you also have a low MCV which also indicative of low iron.

That FT4 of 8 looks low - are you a T3 only person? Edited to add - sorry, can't read today! You're on 50mcg of levo and 25mcg of lio.

So... That Levo's not doing much is it? An FT3 test is desperately needed - can't really tell whether you're on enough thyroid hormone without it.

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Hello thanks for that jazzw no I was on 50 mcg of Thyroxine and 25 mcg of Lithyronine but a few weeks ago I started on NDT as I am sick of feeling sick, ive moved house a few weeks ago and i've not found my thyroid books yet so I was wondering about the FT4 levels


If you take either T3 or NDT the FT4 figure will often be low - for reasons I don't understand, really. When you take NDT, pretty much the only test that will tell you anything about whether you're taking enough is FT3. And it seems your numpty doctor (or the numpty lab) decided not to bother with it. How frustrating. How much NDT are you on now?


I know been on T3 since December and they've never tested it but I ve got an endo. appointment next week but he wont' be pleased with me as I was increasing my T3 then had enough as the dr and consultant would increase my dosage so decided to try NDT he said he wouldn't give it to his dog so I doubt it if he'll offer me any assistance. I've been increasing my NDT every two weeks This week I started to take 1 3/4 grains twice a day no hyper symptoms , still low body temp, noticed a few improvements since starting the NDT softer skin, less dry better hair, my aches and pains are reducing my afternoon fatigue isn't as bad, not as constipated although when I have a migraine this is the case. ta


Sounds like NDT - that stuff he wouldn't give his dog - is doing its job well then. So that's three and a half grains a day? Or one and three quarters split into two doses?


ya I know! I 3/4 grains split in two doses so 3 1/2 a day :)


Ok. I wouldn't raise any more for a bit. The standard advice is to hold at 2 grains for 6 weeks or so before raising again. It might be that you're fine on 3 and a half grains, but you're in danger of overshooting your sweet spot if you raise too quickly. Apologies if I'm telling something you already know. :)

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