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Advice on T3 dose

I posted my results recently but I thought as I have just received my T3 in the post I would re post them and ask for advise on dosage. I am not on any medication except for vitamins.

TSH 2.79 0.35 – 5 mu/L

T4 12.7 9.00 – 22.00pmol/L

T3 3.9 3.5 – 7.8

Perioxidase 0.7 sorry no ref range

Serum ferritin 88 10 – 200ug/L

Serum B12 417 200.00 – 910.00ng/L

Vit D 59 50.00 – 200.00 nmol/L

Serum Calcium 2.32

White blood cells 3.4 10*9/L 3.50 – 10.0010*9/L

Neutrophil 1.3 10.9/L 1.70- 7.5010*9/L

Cholesterol 5.9 2.00 – 5.00mmol/L

I take sublingual B12 daily as I was very low a few years ago 197ng/L

1000 IU D3; Vitamin B complex; 1000mg Vitamin C

Solgar Advanced Acidophilus.

Higher nature Thyroid support that I started last week.

My doctor actually called me re my low WBC and neutrophil (It has been lower 2.3 but nothing has been done about it but its been like this for the past 5 years or more) a bacterial infection has been mentioned. I also have herpes, which I have had for over 30 years. When it became a problem I was treated for 2 years with daily dose of acyclovir but was stopped 6 years ago and I was told to only use it if needed, but I can't take it now as it makes me feel ill. The doctor has now said that its recurrent shingles I have and not herpes. Looking back over the past 6 years since stopping acyclovir I have been diagnosed with CFS, fybromyalgia and IBS etc. My doc has mentioned my cholesterol which is creeping up even although I have a very healthy diet, and I exercise when able.

I have taken the list of symptoms from the thyroiduk website having ticked nearly every box including the raised cholesterol and weight gain but it was ignored. My temperature is average 35.4 but has been as low as 35.0.

I can have days even weeks where I feel ok but then I crash and have symptoms of complete exhaustion, dizziness like I’m drugged, brain fog, poor memory etc etc. I have to drag myself to bed as soon as I get home from work but then have sleepless nights, I’m so exhausted but I can’t sleep, needless to say I am in a bad way the next day. My mood is very low and I find it difficult to carry out everyday tasks. I have had 6 blood tests taken in 3 months and all are normal, except the WBC and cholesterol.

My doctor is now trying to arrange an appointment at the chronic fatigue clinic but that can take weeks and until then I have to just put up with the symptoms and continue to live on ibuprofen.

A few years ago I saw a private Endo when I was on 6 months sick leave having been diagnosed with CFS after collapsing at work. I took with me my Blood test results from Genova, that said I was sub clinical hypothyroid so he suggested I try T4 but I didn’t tolerate it very well. I though maybe if I try a very reduced dose of t3 it would help my symptoms till my doctor admits I have a problem and helps me with my meds, until then I will have to self medicate but worry about getting it wrong and making myself feel worse than I do at present.

Thanks to all for your advice.

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Have you any previous results or is that the only time you've been tested?

Did you get your Thyroglobulin antibodies tested as mentioned by Clutter in your previous post last month? If those are positive it would mean you have autoimmune thyroid disease aka Hashimoto's.

Your thyroid appears to be struggling but I don't think it's *just* T3 you need. Your FT4 is very low in range (as is your FT3) and I think Levo as a first step would be the best idea as that would bring up your FT4, if conversion is adequate it would also increase your FT3. But you're not going to get a diagnosis with those results so you won't get prescribed Levo.

I see you tried Levo after seeing a private endo and it didn't suit. Did you try more than one brand? Different fillers are used and you could be reacting to fillers rather than the Levo.

Did that private endo not suggest anything else after you didn't do well on Levo?

If you take T3 that will suppress your TSH and you will have no chance of your GP saying you are hypo.

If you are thinking of self medicating I would be inclined to first look at Natural Dessicated Thyroid which contains both T4 and T3 rather than go straight on to T3.

However, you also need to address your vitamin and mineral deficiencies as that could be part of your problem.

B12 - you need to get that up to 900-1000

Vit D - this needs to be at least 100, aim for 100-150

Ferritin - not bad at 88, it's passed the magic 70 that is needed for thyroid hormone to work, but you're not on it and half way through range would be better

What about folate? Have you had that tested?

I would also be considering doing the Genova 24 hour saliva adrenal test. And also get sex hormones tested. I'm suggesting that because I'm in a similar age group to you, I'm post menopausal and I was having lots of symptoms despite being long term treated hypo. My thyroid tests showed suppressed TSH, high FT4 and in range FT3 but I had no symptoms of being over medicated but plenty of symptoms of being unwell which seemed to point to underactive thyroid still. Adrenals and sex hormones were both out of whack and as adrenals/sex hormones/thyroid all work together then they all need to be looked at and any problems addressed. That's what I am working on now with help from a holistic hormone specialist and I am seeing some improvement.


Thanks for your reply. I have been tested on numerous occasions over the past 6 years and my TSH has ranged from 2.79 to 5.9. At present my folate is 7.8ng/L - 200.00 - 910.00ng/L. My antibodies test was normal but I have yet to receive the results of another test they took last week. I will post that tomorrow when I receive it. Thanks again


gisa12 Is that right?

Folate - 7.8 (200-910ng/L)

I think it might be ng/mL but it's not important. What is important is if the figures are right then a folate level of 7.8 with that range is dreadfully deficient. Has no-one said anything about that? Was it a GP test or private?

I don't know enough about folate deficiency, I just know that it's recommended to be at least half way in the range, and if low then supplement with folate (5-Methyltetrahydrofolic Acid) which is natural rather than folic acid which is synthetic, and that eating leafy green veg can help. But yours is dire and I think you should be doing some research, asking specific questions (maybe someone on here knows enough about it to make suggestions). I know that folate deficiency can lead to anaemia.

Look into folate deficiency and see if any of the signs and symptoms are what you are experiencing.


Sorry, the reference for folate should be 3.00-20.00.


OK, so 7.8 (3-20). That's too low. You should aim for at least half way through range which is 11.5.

You could supplement with a good B Complex containing folate. Thorne Basic B Complex is a good one which contains the active form of the vitamins and contains 400mcg folate


Thanks again for taking the time to reply. I am supplementing already (see post) but obviously not enough. I will try more folate hopefully that will help.


gisa12 Yes, sorry, missed that bit!

I'm just wondering what supplements (brands) and how much. Need enough of the right sort to make a difference. Best to look for 'food state', 'bioavailable', 'whole food' and decent brands that don't use lots of unnecessary fillers and poor quality ingredients. I'm a great believer in you get what you pay for with supplements, cheap is cheap for reason.

Are you taking Vit D? I forgot to say that when taking that you also need Vit K2. Vit D aids the absorption of calcium and K2 directs that calcium to bones and teeth instead of arteries and soft tissues.


I take Solgar vitamins but I will check on the K2. Thanks again, your help is greatly appreciated

Kind regards


Seaside Susie, this is a really great post!


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