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Results help \ side effects

Hi all had a few posts today 😃. Struggling with levo side effects on 50 mcg (almus brand)/day but I'm ok on 25 mcg (mercury pharma) though still hypothyroid symptoms. Last results I got (when still on 50\day) were as follows

Tsh 2.8 (.270-4.20)

T4 12.56 (12-22)

T3 3.6 (3.1-6.8)

Folate 14.8 (4.6-18.7)

Ferritin 8.8 (13-150)

B12 686 (191-663)

Vit d 26.5

Zinc 20.1 (11-24)

Magnesium 0.74 (0.70-1.00)

Selenium 1.3 (0.89-1.65)

As soon as I try to take 50 mcg almus I start with side effects. My thinking is I have a problem either with the almus brand or the dosage level so my latest idea is to take mercury pharma 25 (which doesn't cause me side effects ) one tablet one day and one and a half the next for a few weeks and see if I can tolerate that. Subject to any of you wonderful people having any other suggestions. Btw I've been taking 25mg vit d tablets and 2 iron tablets a day for the last month so those levels should be improved. Gp didn't seem convinced low ferritin was causing me any issues re the higher dose and my ability to cope with it. Thanks for any ideas xx

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Your doctor is ignorant. You ferritin level is clearly below the range. S/he is lucky you haven't collapsed in the street and been taken to A&E as the practice would be fined. You need to get your ferritin to 75. Ferritin levels rise slowly even when supplemented as the haemoglobin level is the body's priority.

You need to take them with vitamin C and 2 hours away from other vitamins and minerals plus away 4 hours away from thyroid medication as iron interacts with a lot of things. Also if your iron tablets aren't something like 210mg of ferrous fumarate or ferrous sulphate then you aren't taking enough

In regards to your vitamin D level if the measurement is in nmol/L then you are not supplementing with enough vitamin D as it's unlikely your tablets are in mg. It's better to use international units (IU) when talking about vitamin D supplements.

You need to get you level above 75nmol/L preferably at 100. In my area you are borderline severely deficient/insufficient so would be advised to take 10,000IU per day for 12 weeks then cut down to 2,000IU. Then have a test after 6 months. This protocol is not sufficient for a lot of people but least it's better than what you are on. Here we recommend you take vitamin D with k2 to aid recalcification of the bones. Vitamin D rises slowly.

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Thanks bluebug. Believe me, this is the best of 3 GP s I have had..... thanks for the advice.... do you think this ferritin and vitamin deficiency is why I can't tolerate higher dose of levo? My gp wants me to experiment for 6 weeks with the brand that doesn't make me Ill before she will refer me to an endocrinologist. There are no more GP s for me to see at the surgery and moving to another is no guarantee I will have a better experience.... I feel like Im on my own and have no medical knowledge. I saw a private gp and he told me to take iodine but I don't know I'm iodine deficient so Im nervous to do that in case it gives me more issues. Where do I go from here I guess is my question! 😂


And we have another sadist in our midst!!! I think if it were me, I would tell her, no, I've suffered enough. I want to see an endo now. Calmly but firmly. She's obviously completely out of her depth, so should have the common sense to refer you on.

You are right not to touch the iodine without getting tested first. And even then, you should only supplement Under the care of a doctor who knows what he's doing - that one doesn't sound like he does!

None of us have any medical knowledge when we start out on this. But we have to learn quickly if we want to stay alive! It's very rare to find a doctor that knows anything about thyroid. Even the so-called 'specialist' are a bit iffy when it comes to thyroid. They know more about diabètes. So, you've got to read, read, and read some more.

In order for your body to be able to absorb and use the hormone you're giving it, you need optimal nutrients - not just in-range, but optimal. Unfortunately, doctors know less about nutrition than they do about hormones - and that's saying something! So, you're right, you are on your own with that.

Your D3 and iron are much too low, you know that, and you're supplementing. But, you need to take at least 1000 mg vit c with the iron - helps absorption and avoids constipation. Also, adrenals need vit C.

With the vit D3, you need to take about 100 mcg vit K2. Because D3 increases absoption of calcium from food, and K2 makes sure it goes into the bones and teeth, and not the tissues. You also need to take magnesium with your D3. Your result is a bit low, but in any case, the blood test isn't reliable. You need more magnesium.

Your vit B12 could be higher. I would suggest 1000 mcg sublingual methylcobalamin daily, plus a B complex to keep the Bs balanced. Optimal is 1000. :)


Thanks greygoose. The dr re the iodine is on the list from thyroiduk so I was a bit surprised..... I was in a separate conversation with the very helpful bluebug and thought she made a good point in that an endocrinologist might not be entirely helpful as my results aren't too out. At my worst tsh was 7.3 so I was never that high and understand from others their challenges getting even treated as I was less than 10. I did feel horrid at 7.3 and I cant begin to imagine how worse it could be at 25 or something. On the plus side I guess my gp acknowledges I have side effects (2 others didn't) and is honest enough to say she doesn't know (unlike the others!). And it looks like the chances of getting a good endo may be as high as those of getting a good gp. Jeez. 😥


That is correct, yes. But, it doesn't really matter how high your TSH is, hypo is hypo. You might strike Lucky, you never know. And you won't know unless you try. As long as you know the right questions to ask, and aren't too disappointed if you get the wrong answers!

There are a lot of doctors, I'm afraid, who thing that all a thyroid problem needs is iodine thrown at it. He could very well be on the list just because he was charming, or listened well, or was put there by someone who doesn't know that iodine is the wrong way to go.


Yes he was lovely. And the first to accept that I was experiencing side effects. I will be grateful to him for that as halving the dosage (his suggestion) made me much better. So it wasn't a total waste of 220£. 😆


Well, now you know why he was on the list, then. lol


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