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Help with Levo brands

Was diagnosed 3 years ago, and am getting awful side effects with the various brands of Levothyroxine. Eltroxin suited me best, Actavis/Almus was terrible, it virtually disabled me. Mercury Pharma also gives me lots of side effects. Have also tried MP Levo liquid but I have problems with that too. Has anybody else had similar experiences, but found Wockhardt to be better? Its the only brand I haven't tried, but don't want to put myself through several months of waiting for the effects to wear off, if its just as bad as all the others. Would appreciate your views.

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I would report your disatisfaction with the levothyroxines which didn't suit you. I too had problems but didn't know that you could fill in a yellow card to inform the NHS and also write and complain to the manufacturers of the levothyroxines.

You are not the first to say that Eltroxin suited you best. It suited me too and lots have said they felt best on Eltroxin. Mercury Pharma(now Amdipharm etc) haven't produced it for a long time now.

Your GP probably wont prescribe Naturethroid which is hypoallergenic as it is a Natural Dessicated Thyroid Gland but if he knows your difficulties with levo, he may do so. They are allowed to. I will give you info to do this. He has to make an exception for you as you cannot possible go on being unwell through medication which is for 'life'. Excerpt:

Special needs of an individual patient

Most Endocrinologists and doctors believe the hormones are inconsistent in Natural Dessicated Thyroid hormones but they aren't. Naturethroid for instances has had a consistent T3 and T4 for 75 years so it is a longstanding thyroid hormone replacement.


Carolinep, It's unlikely you are intolerant to the active ingredient in Levothyroxine as it occurs naturally in the body. It's possible to be intolerant or allergic to the fillers in the tablets.

Wockhardt has less fillers than Mercury Pharma and Actavis but if you didn't tolerate liquid levothyroxine which doesn't have fillers, I don't imagine Wockhardt will be any better.


I am looking for levothyroxine with less fillers. Does Wockhardt make 100 50 & 25mcg doses?


Pepekins, just 25mcg as far as I'm aware.


Yes I had a terrible experience with actavis. Practically incapacitated me. Just back from endo today who has prescribed me t3 so about to start that.


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