Iron, vitamin B12 and vitamin D


My results as shown in my previous post came out low for my Ferritin, Vitamin D and B12 although it was just the Vitamin D that was below range.

The doctor gave me Ferrous fumarate 210mg (not to be taken close to my Levothyroxine) and I was advised to get Valupak vitamin D3 over the counter and I got vitamin B complex too.

Will these three help to bring up my levels of Ferritin, Vitamin B12 and vitamin D?

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Vitamin B complex contains all of the B's but for B12 you need a separate B12 methylcobalamin sublingual stand-alone. The reason being that B12 is a hormone rather than vitamin and is essential for neurological health if deficient:-

Symptoms of Vitamin B12 Deficiency - it is recommended that our result should be around 1,000. Methylcobalamin sublingual B12 should be chosen over cyanocobalamin B12.

If we don't have adequate vitamin B12 levels in our bloodstream, we might notice some of the following warning signs:

mental fogginess

problems with your memory

mood swings

lack of motivation

feelings of apathy

fatigue and a lack energy

muscle weakness

tingling in your extremities

One of the most important functions of vitamin B12 is building the myelin which insulates and protects your nerve endings and allows them to communicate with one another.

If you're B12 deficient and your myelin is depleted, you can experience health problems as widespread as depression, dementia and even symptoms which mimic multiple sclerosis.


Depression is thought to be linked to a shortage of compounds called monoamines, which are manufactured by your central nervous system. Vitamin B12 helps your body make these compounds. There is also evidence high levels of homocysteine associated with B12 deficiency may promote depression.

Dementia and Alzheimer's

Research also indicates a B12 deficiency may lead to cognitive problems and reversible dementia in the elderly. This type of treatable dementia differs from Alzheimer's, however, B12 may play a role in this growing epidemic as well.

A study of over 100 senior volunteers showed older individuals with low levels of vitamin B12 are more apt to suffer from brain atrophy or shrinkage. Brain atrophy is a well-established characteristic of Alzheimer's disease.

If our B12 was quite low there is a possibility that we could have Pernicious Anaemia so GP should check for intrinsic factor which confirms P.A.

Hi thank you, my Vitamin B12 is about 311 but because it is in range, the doctor did not care.

It is in range but not optimum so you should consider supplementing with B12 methylcobalamin sublingual. 1,000 is the recommendation on this forum and on others.

Thank you, where would I get the methylcobalamin from?

I buy mine from Amazon. I am giving a link below and it is self-explanatory. If you do order Anything from Amazon through it it benefits

Just put B12 methylcobalamin - sublingual is best as usually we can have poor stomachs and it bypasses it into our bloodstream. It dissolves under tongue and absorbed into bloodstream.

Thank you :)

Thanks Shaws, such a good post

Naturegirl, if you say what your VitD level is I'll advise how much you should supplement. B12 311 is within range so NHS won't prescribe. Supplement 1,000mcg methylcobalamin and take it with the B Complex vitamin.

Okay thank you, where would I get the methylcobalamin from?

If you use the Amazon Affiliate for anything you order from Amazon it would be helpful for and this is self-explanatory:

B12 should be sublingual. Put under tongue and it dissolves. B complex is also good along with B12.


These articles are good, re B12:

I started making organic kefir to drink every day, as 100mls has over 100% RDA of B12. It's extremely easy to make. I bought a ready made bottle of kefir to start, which didn't contain kefir grains, but had sufficient live culture to start my first batch.


What is kefir Leverette? I'm wondering if it is vegan.

Kefir's a fermented probiotic drink. It's a culture with several symbiotic bacteria, rather than just one lactobcillus species, as with most pro-biotic yoghurts. It can be made without dairy, but I don't know what the nutritional content is. You can probably look up the information from companies that sell non-dairy kefir cultures. I'd heard of kefir, but started taking it after looking up sources of Vitamin K & B12. K2 is only found in fermented products, & B12 is not supposed to be good from plant sources.

I think I've done quite a lot of harm to myself, having a predominantly Vegan diet over the past ten years, which left me dangerously lacking in Vitamn D & calcium, amongst other things. Two more of my teeth disintegrated this year, so I hate to think what state my bone structure is in after relying on foods containing D2. >:(

I'm really surprised in the difference to my wellbeing, from taking a grain of NDT each day since June, & introducing 100-150mls of kefir for the past three months. My skin has started to heal normally, & my fingernails are growing without deep ridges and pits.


Hi Leverette

Thanks very much, this is especially interesting because I have been vegan for many years and have not taken good enough care with B12 or D3 (probably other things too). I'm glad you pointed out that non-dairy kefir might not have the same nutritional content, I had not thought it through enough.

The deep ridges in my nails return when on either too much or too little Levothyroxine.

With luck your bones will be okay because the body uses the calcium from the teeth before the bones, and, because I just had a bone density scan and passed with flying colours and it sounds as if yo have been more careful with your nutrition.

I've been Veggie for 30 years, but rarely ate meat before then. I gave up dairy at home, 10 years ago, & thought I was doing the right thing in swapping to soya milk, & eating lots of greens & tofu. Routine blood tests flagged up serious Vit D deficiency, when I thought I was getting >200% RDA. I had no idea D2 was useless, as I'd fallen for the "healthy plant based" jargon on the obscenely expensive organic soya products I'd been buying.

My healthy 800 calorie diet turned out to be bad, too. Tofu & the greens I ate most days for calcium are goitrogenic, & block hormone absorption, so double whammy, & I was still fat & sluggish.

The Chris Kresser articles make a lot of sense with regard to functional medicine & nutrient intake. Since taking the NDT & I can now eat a whole 1200 calories a day without weight gain, get more nutrition, & venture out of bed for a lot longer.

I still gag when taking the NDT every morning!


Oh we are similar, I've made the same mistakes and cut calories far too low. I just can't come to terms with taking NDT or eating dairy, I can't bear the thought of the suffering animals.

You seem to have found a balance.

Disgusting, but I can't bear the thought of false teeth, broken bones, & feeling too ill to get out of bed.

Lots of info available on't'tinterweb!

If it's just probiotics you want, try kombucha, which is quite fun to make.

I specifically want B12 K2 & magnesium that are in dairy kefir.


Thanks Mel

I too am after the B12 and magnesium but am dairy free so will look at your link and try humanbean's suggestions.

There are different kinds of kefir. There is a kind of kefir which can be made with all sorts of different kinds of milk, including coconut milk which would be suitable for a vegan.

And there is water kefir too, which is also suitable for vegans.

These are all the bookmarks I have about kefir :

For more information on fermented drinks, greygoose posted this link quite recently :

Thanks very much humanbean.

Its vital to get Ferritin back up to halfway in its range

CHELATED blue bonnet iron would seem to be best source

Remember to take 1000mg vit c with it too

I am vegan and had kefir made from soya milk which was delicious, although I don't eat soya anymore. I also had kambucha. I think there are a lot of health benefits from fermented products. I am inspired to try kefir again, probably with almond milk. As a vegan I do supplement b12 and D vits, I think that is wise.

This is very interesting although I also feel overwhelmed by information.

I will just take the vitamins and B12 hormone for now and ask the doctor for advice around exercise.

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