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Thyroid UK's Amazon Affiliate link


Thyroid UK, the charity that runs this forum, is always in need of funds in order to keep doing what they do. One way that you can help to contribute is to use their affiliate link every time you buy something through Amazon.

Remember, using Thyroid UK’s affiliate link does not cost you anything at all. The only people to benefit if you do not use an affiliate link when buying through Amazon, is Amazon themselves because they get to keep the extra that could have gone to Thyroid UK.

There are several ways to do it:

1) Click the link below which will take you to the Amazon homepage.

Immediately save the link to your ‘favourites / bookmarks’.

Every time you want to browse or shop on Amazon, remember to go there directly from your favourites link.

2) Go to the Thyroid UK website and use the Amazon Search Box that is in the lefthand column of every page under the pink menu.

3) If you regularly sign in here to this forum, you can simply click the link from here when you want to go to Amazon.

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Yep use it every time I go on. x

RedAppleAdministrator in reply to Poppy03

Me too! Every penny helps :)

So do I but not put in many orders recently but Christmas is coming so now is the time to sign up folks!

Should ThyroidUK be mentioned on the Amazon page? Ican't see it on any of the links.


RedAppleAdministrator in reply to Williamsmum

No, you won't see anything different, it just looks the same as any Amazon page. As long as you have gone via the link and stay on that same browser page when you put an item in your basket, Thyroid UK should benefit from whatever you purchase.

Thanks :)

Coastwalker in reply to RedApple

Silly question Red Apple, I am trying this for the first time, (silver surfer. :) )

From clicking on the TUK site it opens up the original browser page, but then to find my item I had to opened up another page, would this second browser page still be counted towards TUK benefits ?

Ok I'll give it a go :)

Thank you so much, will do. X

I'm always buying stuff from Amazon!

Link added to my Favourites toolbar :)


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