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Ferritin folate vitamin D and vitamin B12

Hi here are results for ferritin, folate, vitamin D and vitamin B12.

Feedback is appreciated.

Ferritin - 10 (15 - 150)

Folate - 1.4 (2.5 - 19.5)

Vitamin B12 - 183 (180 - 900)

Vitamin D total - 44.2 (25 - 50 vitamin D deficiency. Supplementation is indicated)

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Nikki58 Go and see your GP about these:

Ferritin - 10 (15 - 150) - Under range, ask about iron injections and maybe a full iron panel

Vitamin B12 - 183 (180 - 900) - So low I would ask about testing for Pernicious Anaemia especially as

Folate - 1.4 (2.5 - 19.5) is below range (B12 and folate work together)

Pop over to the Pernicious Anaemia Society forum here on Health Unlocked for further advice about B12/folate results


Vit D - 44.2 As you can see this is deficient. Recommended level is 100-150nmol/L. Don't bother with your GP, he wont help and you'll get better quality supplements yourself. I suggest 5000iu D3 daily for 3 months then reduce to 5000iu alternate days as a maintenance dose. Retest in the spring to ensure you stay within the recommended levels.

When taking D3 we also need K2-MK7 and magnesium, both are important co-factors. D3 aids absorption of calcium from food and K2 directs the calcium to bones and teeth rather than arteries and soft tissues. D3 and K2 are far soluble so should be taken with the fattiest meal of the day.

Vit D co-factors vitamindcouncil.org/about-v...

Magnesium comes in different forms, see here and see which will suit you best naturalnews.com/046401_magn... Magnesium is calming and best taken in the evening.


Thanks I will talk to GP about these and see what he says.


A great resource: b12d.org/ - all B12 issues covered


The very first link that you will see when you click on the link below is of the recommendations of 50 scientists as to what Vit D level you ought to maintain. The figures are stated in BOLD FONT.



Are you on a gluten free diet? Being low in those nutrients can be related to intestinal damage from gluten.

Candida or an intestinal parasite might also be possibilities.


Thanks no I am not on a gluten free diet. I recall having h pylori checked in my stool and it was negative.


I would consider getting on one right now.

Try a Paleo Diet. Plenty of good cookbooks these days.

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If your GP states your ferritin and/or folate levels don't matter come back here and post a new thread to ask.

If you aren't sure of the gap to leave between supplements and other medication come back here and post a new thread to ask.


Only start one supplement at a time and then wait for about 10 days/two weeks before adding another.

As you have Hashimoto's, the other supplement that should help is selenium. It improves conversion and helps reduce antibodies.

Are you gluten free? If not, have you been tested for coeliac?

Many of us with Hashimoto's find going gluten free really helps

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Thanks no I am not gluten free, GP strongly suspects I am coeliac but I did a gluten challenge for 6 days (endo didn't tell me how long I need to do it for) and it was negative. Since increasing gluten in my diet I have been getting more wind, bloating and diarrhoea. My diet has been more gluten than anything else for the past 3 months. Maybe get checked for coeliac again?


It would be a good idea to post on the PA site as your B12 is very low and should be investigated without delay, especially if you're experiencing neurological symptoms. It's highly likely that, with thyroid disease and low B12, you could have absorption issues resulting from autoimmune/leaky gut. Dr Datis Kharrizian has written two excellent books and explains why a gluten free diet is important:


Only definite way to confirm is by endoscopy. I had several coeliac blood tests, first one over 20 years ago - all were negative.

But endoscopy this year confirmed gluten intolerant (most likely coeliac). The endoscopy was done 5 weeks AFTER I went gluten free - hence slightly ambiguous result. But because of my mobility being so badly affected I was advised NOT to do gluten challenge. I am so much better on strict gluten free diet.

My gastroenterologist said coeliac blood test is only correct about 60% of the time!

Ask for endoscopy to get definitive result.


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