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Folate, ferritin, vitamin D and vitamin B12 results

Hi here are my vitamin and mineral results. Doctors have put me on Fluoxetine (depression) and Diazepam (muscle spasms), just wondering if they are necessary?

Folate - 1.6 (2.5 - 19.5)

Ferritin - 58 (15 - 150 premenopausal females, 30 - 400 postmenopausal females)

Vitamin B12 - 192 (180 - 900)

Total 25 OH vitamin D - 47.1 (<25 severe vitamin D deficiency, 25 - 50 vitamin D deficiency, 50 - 75 vitamin D suboptimal, >75 adequate)


Joint stiffness and pain (unchanged with painkillers)

Muscle twitches

Dry eyes (since 2011)

Eczema (since 1993)

Heavy periods (ever since I started them 15 years ago)

Cold feet and hands

Pins and needles

Muscle cramps


Sore tongue

Hair loss


Deafness (since 2015)

Ears getting random ringing noises in them


Unsteadiness on feet - can't even stand still when standing up straight

Cold intolerance


Low heart rate

Difficulty swallowing

Thank you

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I knew it. Your B12 is in your boots. Some doctors (sadly rather too many) would say that's normal because it's in range. It's not normal, it's very very low. You need testing for pernicious anaemia. Your folate is also horribly low. I can't believe your doctor's had these results and done nothing about it! Well, actually, I can... :( Don't supplement yet - get tested for that first.

Your Vit D needs upping too - it's insufficient and that's enough to give you aches and pains.

I'm just going to find you the link to the Pernicious Anaemia Society forum here on HealthUnlocked, because if you run into problems they're best placed to help you figure out how to proceed.

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Your doctor needs to read up on B12 deficiency - if you join the Pernicious Anaemia Society there is information you can print off to give to your GP. You need B12 injections!

Also supplement with methyl b complex (not folic acid) and vitamin d3 with k2



you also need to supplement folic acid [ for folate ] as well as b12 & vit d3 ...... all together -- not ness at the same time of the day , because of your many symptoms which need to be treated with understanding of the possible effects on each other


Geez! They'd rather give you addictive meds than treat your rock bottom B12 and folate (you might have PA) and low D3. You really don't wnat to take diazepam for anything - I was put on it many years ago and it made me really depressed (I know it's an anti-depressant) as it takes away your abilty to feel anything, including any joy or interest in life. It's also really hard to get off. Anything with fluor in the name is made from fluoride and is probably going to make you more hypo eventually. Most of your symptoms look like low B12.


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