Statins are the biggest money spinner in the world, no wonder that they want us all to be on them, money money and money!!

My Mum was on statins, she had dementia, a very clever woman indeed, if I had known what I know now, I would never have given her a statin, or the calcium tablets. Both of which contributed to her death.

Good article from the Daily Telegraph, but there is so much info out there, as to why we should not take statins.

Just as well, I never listen to the official line about dietary cholesterol, a load of codswallop. I eat as many eggs as I like, loads of Kerrygold butter (as it is the only butter that is made from the milk of non-cafo fed cows.) Oh the tbs of butter goes straight into my morning coffee. My levo I take at night, away from coffee. Cream, yes in my tea, fry with organic coconut oil, lather it on my skin, oil pull twice a day with it, eat avocados, and lots of Extra Virgin olive oil on my daily salad. I eat plenty of meat, eventhough, I would much prefer to buy organic meat, where to find it, and also the price. We can't do everything right, we would like too.

I take 125mcg of T4, and now self-medicate with 50mcg T3 in 4 split doses daily, and take 1 tsp extra virgin cod liver oil from Rosita. I take other supplements like vitamin D3 10.000 iu, magnesium l threonate and vitamin K2 Mk7, zinc, copper, astaxanthin, 12mg, the high dose.

These vits work synergistically, and put the calcium into the bones where it's needed, and not lain down as arterial plaque, and brain plaque. Brain plaque is now referred to as Diabetese type 111. Of course sugar is your worst enemy. So is fructose, it turns to glycogen in the liver, which is the same as alcohol. Interesting isn't it!!

I feel great, no thanks to the Docs.

"Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food", Aristotle.

Lots more to learn, any thoughts from you?

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As you can see statins are discussed here a great deal. In fact I posted just yesterday about Statins and VitD :-) The replies were interesting.

Your Telegraph article was March 2014 - yet another convincing read - thanks.

Statins triggered extreme depression in me and suicidal urges, which stopped when I stopped taking 'em. I looked to see why and my guess was that it was due to the reduction in testosterone they cause.

Statins have not been well researched on women, the overwhelming body of research has been on men.

We would be prescribed them for our high cholesterol, rather than hypoT being diagnosed. The effect of statins on hypothyroid patients has not, to my knowledge, been researched at all. My experience suggests that at least in a sub section it could be very damaging.

This seems to be good:-If you have an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism), treatment may be delayed until this problem is treated. This is because having an underactive thyroid can lead to an increased cholesterol level, and treating hypothyroidism may cause your cholesterol level to decrease, without the need for statins. Statins are also more likely to cause muscle damage in people with an underactive thyroid.

Apparently no one should exercise and take statins...

They must have known for sometime about the side effects of Statins. I saw a headline in the newspaper this morning and this is from August.

Two or three years ago there was a programme on about the effects of statins and all I can remember was seeing three men talking about their side effects and one of the men was crying with the pain that he was in all the time. The men were elderly and it was so sad to see.

I decided then that I would never take statins and although I work in a hospital ( on the lowest rung of the ladder but quite happy there ) I see all the time doctors putting a lot of patients on statins when there cholesterol is slightly raised.

I also saw one lady have her thyroxine reduced because her tsh was 0.2. She is dreadfully ill and was before the reduction too.

It makes me so MAD.

Jo xx

Hi Jo, what is it that Adam Sandler's mum says in the "Waterboy" oh yes, Vicky Vallencourt is the Devil, that's what I would say about statins lol. Veronica

HI again Jo, I take 2 tbs of raw organic cacao daily, together with my green stevia for sweetness, and a pile of coconut milk, as cows milk renders it useless. This is a very high anti-oxidant, way higher than blueberries, and much cheaper, pretty much neutralizes, for use of a better word, the action of the oxidation of the ldl, which would normally be laid down as plaque in our arteries, thereby reducing drastically heart disease. If our arteries are clean, they no medical problems.

Cheap and easy alternative to statins. Of course no money in that, for the blood suckers above lol.

Thanks langdocienne: it is all crazy... a cousin who hears from many of her friends [taking statins] of their awful effects yet who are confused about information in their GP's surgery about Europe discontinuing statin use... they've never had a thyroid issue so they just believe and do what doc tells them :-(

I once read an article written by a doctor... to the effect, 'If you value your loved ones never give them a statin'. Maybe a few people with highly specific medical requirements are helped by statin use, I know not. But for millions upon millions they can have dreadful side effects and do little in respect of their stated purpose, yet their money spinning purpose is clearly beyond Pharma's wildest dreams.

Dr Malcolm Kendrick does many a great critique on statins... but here is a USA article and we all know how sensitive they can be about 'Class Actions'... one day the lid will be blown off this one.

The NHS has a page about a new cholesterol vaccine:

Interestingly, having heard that statins are so safe they should be added to our water supplies, the link states!

Some people find statins hard to tolerate, complaining of side effects such as muscle and joint pain, and weakness.

OMG, they've gone stark staring mad, or is it the money thing again lol, yes it probably is!!!

HI Helvella, this is a good link, I take 2tbs of raw organic cacao daily, sweetened with the pure green stevia, and use only coconut milk, never use cows milk in it, it renders the oxidation effect useless.

can you use almond milk? x

HI, Twinmumjane seems like you can, it's not goitrogenic, I just love the combo of coconut milk and raw cacao, but obviously, it's all a matter of personal taste. Enjoy...

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