Extra virgin cod liver oil, or EVCLO

As I'm always interested in searching for new supplements, I thought that I would try cod liver oil, like my Mum used to give us as kids. Then I happened on the EVCLO, found it to be far superior from what I have read, so going to buy it today.

Reasons being, strengthen our immune system, as with Hypo, it's quite compromised, well balanced omega ratios, Vitamin A, very high bioavailable amount, vitamin D3, and vitamin K2.


If I find anything else interesting about it, I will post.

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Where are these Extra Virgin cod fished ? Sorry - perhaps I should read the link and find out - will make time to do that :-)

Norway Marz.. I have had Healthspan's in the past : Icelandic cod with some products having Valencia orange to give an acceptable flavour.

Hi Treepie, the Rosita one, has the most of everything in it.

Hi, bet it's at a price!

I paid £33 for it today, one months supply, need to try it

I understand the need .I just paid a similar amount for a silica based gel that supposedly helps tendon pains .No effect after a week.

I live in an olive grove with 59 trees and we take our olives to the local press....not a virgin or an extra virgin in sight :-) But our oil is classed as Extra Virgin with its excellent PH level as it is also the first pressing. Cannot imagine them being able to press a Cod's liver more than once ! We have a barrel or two of the liquid gold !

Sorry - just my vivid imagination at play !

You keep making me envious despite a really sunny am here.

yes have had 5 weeks in Crete near Chania since last October, back again June or July

My cousin has a friend who... ;-) still swears that she, from childhood, takes Cod Liver Oil... likely run of the mill stuff [yet is consistently healthier than her younger sister, who has had hip replacement etc etc]. In recent times I've wondered about taking it but gag at the thoughts... thanks, love the link you've posted re the Rosita brand, just not sure I could manage to get it down :-(

I am renowned for being able to take stuff that others can't manage... a well known Chemist used to have a Flu Tincture [like creosote] which all but the very hardy could manage; also Blue Paradise [only when nothing left at a party, a strange alcohol no one back in the day could tolerate straight] yet with no problem to me... this fish oil, please tell me how you take it ;-) x

Ordered it, only 1 tsp, will probs put it in mycoffee with my Kerrygold butter.

Fish oil in coffee. :O Sounds like a good way of ruining a nice cup of coffee. Let us know whether you can get it down. I'll be impressed if you can. :D

I know, but I'll have to find a way.

On a more serious note, I'm surprised that the product isn't also available in gel capsules. Surely most manufacturers want to produce a product that people can actually swallow. And the idea of "naked" cod liver oil would put lots of people off even trying it, which wouldn't be good for business.

Now double cream is very different and not bad for us at all. BUT I do know that this fish oil will be good... I need another way to take... like, as you say, a capsule ;-)

Linda when I get mine, will find the best way for me to tske it

In the 1940's at school every day, we were given cod liver oil mixed with orange juice, wasn't too bad. Now I take Healthspan capsules which I definitely prefer. Let us know how you get on :-)

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