i have high selenium without taking a selenium separate supplement and only a multi vitamin and fishoil , flaxseed oil, saw palmetto and evening primrose oil and viviscal pro with oyster powder and shark cartilage in it....HENCE I HAVE HAIR LOSS.....

HOW IN THE WORLD TO I HAVE HIGH SELENIIUM..... I dont eat brazil nuts at all, i eat a multi mix personal little pouch of mixed nuts with almond- pitaschio-cranberry- cashews each day sold in personal size little bags....and i eat one or two a day....i have made some green shakes one or two times a week, i have used flaxseed and chia see in my orange juice from time to time...but i am just PANICING....what do i stop.......where is it coming from...i do eat peanut butter, drink lemon aide all day long with organic stevia so no sugar.....HELP!!!!!!

I am also hypothyroid and was on synthroid t4 but have low ft3 so dr changed me to nature throid.

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Shellfish are a good source of selenium.

and i eat salmon once a week...but other than that....no fish....i am just rocking my brain what i need to stop...and i dont know what to stop....i know i am going to hold off on my multi that has 100 in it....for a month....and no more flaxseed or chia seed but i didnt use that all the time either....i am just OVERWHELMED how do i lower this....

As an example, an 8 oz can of salmon would provide more than enough selenium for a day's requirement. (None of us should be eating farmed salmon.) Some suggest non-oily fish and shellfish, as they have a lower percentage of mercury.

No selenium in chia. Weight for weight, flaxseed has about 2/3rds the amount of salmon, but I doubt you're eating such a comparatively huge amount.

I do take viviscal for hair loss or growth that has shark cartilage in it and oyster powder and wonder....does that have it in it...so i am afraid to take that anymore either...

,Seafood muscle meats and grains are good sources of selenium.

i have been taking viviscal pro for hair loss that has shark cartilage and oyster powder it it but doesnt list selenium....could that do it?

I do not understand your post......your wondering what you eat has given you high levels of selenium??? Not sure what you mean, people with thyroid disease lose more hair! I always did and since on synthroid I lose even more.

I am well aware of that....but not so if your levels are optimum...I have had it for a while never with hair loss....high selenium causes hair loss and blood test showed I had that but wonder what I have eaten too much of etc for high selenium to lower it.....I also have low normal free t3 and dr said that also causes hair loss....as well as low ferritin iron, low b12 etc.....as well as high cortisol...so many people assume it is the thyroid when it is a combination of other things .....and many drs do not even test for those things........you may want to check into these things......

well that is good to know. I was told the synthroid alone does this and of course when you are hypo and unmedicated. I never heard of the high selenium making hair fall out. I take 200 a day of selenium. Maybe my low free T3 is the reason i am losing hair then. Thanks fr the info.

i would get tested to make sure you are selenium is not high..that i also the last thing i thought about....i took a multi with 100 of selenium a day but that all and i obviously was getting enough from food that that was pushing me over ......you can google high selenium and hair loss ..hence it also has other health wise severe side effects if not addressed...that shocked me too...

my low free t3 is also a factor so dr changed me to nature throid with t3 in it......bec i guess i am one of those that just doesnt convert well enough....and always had low normal free t3 on my test

I always have too. I am currently starting cytomel today actually. I will look into my selenium levels thank you. My Multi has 55 mcg in it and i take a thyroid supplement probably 5 days out of 7 a week with 200mcg in it. I only take it to help with conversion.

yes that i what was weird too..you would assume with high selenium..i wouldnt have conversion problems but still did

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