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wow shock horror endo visit

she was 40 minutes late so i was in a mood

i walked in and she asked symptoms ect

asked what i was taking

didnt think tiromel was for me as not feeling benefits and apparently showing signs of overmedicated so have prescribed 20mg liothyronine twice a day

i showed her cortisol results and now have a 24 hour urine collection bottle and 2 500mcg dexamethasone tablets ready for a 9am cortisol blood test

allso a massive list of other bloods to be done in 3 months including testosterone, LH?, FSH and prolactin, no T3 though

she is desperate to rule out cushings as she felt i may be cushings when she first set eyes on me....must be my fat face

so far im happy i was in her room for approx 30 minutes

she wants to work with me to get me better

she only gives T3 to 2 other patients

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Mandy72, I am glad your appointment went reasonably well and she has taken notice of your symptoms.

Onwards and upwards and hope she sorts you out - thyroid hormones wise plus anything else that will improve your health. :)


i went in ready for a fight

i know T3 wasnt tested but i may just ask for T3 and vits to be done when i see her next

now i just have to hope my gp will continue to prescribe T3


I hope so too - to have extra worries on top of your ill-health is just too much at times.


Hello mandy,

I am so pleased your endo visit was positive.

She sounds as if she is looking after you.

LH is the amount of luteinizing hormone in your blood. LH is made by your pituitary gland and secreted during the ovulation part of the menstrual cycle.

How can she know how much T3 to prescribe if she isn't going to test your T3 levels..?



if push comes to shove ill get my own T3 tested


Sometimes easier.



do i need T3 or FT3 tested?


Free... FT3


thankyou, ive just found one for £39 is that a good price?


i don't know...I'm one of the lucky ones who has never had to pay for a T3 test.

I've paid for everything else.! !

Sounds ok...



ill sweet talk hubby later lol

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