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Doc visit


Sorry, bit of a rant.

I had a less than great trip to the GP today. Having felt rubbish for months now, I made a list of symptoms as when they happened, and I remembered to jot them down to take with me, and got my other half to add anything that he had noticed that I just take for granted these days.

So having gone through the list with her.....

I was asked three times if I was feeling depressed, or stressed. (was by the time I left)

Told it could be menopausal. ( I may well be)

Or I could just have a virus!!! ( I can't have had the same viral symptoms for months, surely)

I spoke to her at length about how much better I am when I'm on a higher dose of thyroxine, to which she agreed with me!!! So feeling hopeful I asked if she would put it up again if only by 12.5mg, I got a very definitive NO!

So I pushed her for a reason why if she agreed that I was better when I'm slightly over?

Has anyone else had there GP refuse to put up there Thyroxine saying that if your TSH is too low it can cause Osteoporosis, and would be unethical for her to up it due to the long term effects.

FFS with everything else that is wrong with me its a risk I'm willing to take, if could function normally, rather than living with the tiredness, insomnia, aches, pains, mood swings, and newly diagnosed Diverticular Disease (not yet needing surgery, but not far off) etc. etc. ect that make mine, my other half and my kids lives miserable

Last time I asked she told me it was not good for my heart! (beginning to think she makes it up as she goes along)

The only good thing that came out of it was that she agreed to do another full set of bloods including T3 hormones Vit levels etc. and then would revue it.

Sorry rant over, just get so frustrated (not depressed or stressed) and although my husband is amazing he doesn't always get it, so needed to let off a little steam.

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We have to understand that it appears that most doctors are so uneducated re the function of the thyroid gland. Therefore, they believe 'old wives tales' even though they may originate from 'old men' who seem to make up stories so that we, the patients, feel they are looking after our welfare.

In actual fact we usd to be given doses of between 200 and 400 of NDT when no blood tests were invented then and the patients were dosed until they were well. Not according to the TSH. No, we don't get osteoporosis or heart disease, which we might develop if not on sufficient thyroid hormones or even develop more serious disease!

Ask specifically for a Free T3 blood test and this is the explanation, halfway down page.

Yes happened to me ,with both GP and endo.As it happened some months later whilst on holiday in hot weather i felt much better. I have not been as good since the colder weather arrived and my balance which improved in the summer has detiorated again.

So i think i need more in winter but was denied.

Marz in reply to Treepie

Could you increase it yourself for the winter ?

Not unless i buy on the net. The practice web ordering system gives the date when i can reorder so i would run out before that date! Technology does have some drawbacks!

RedAppleAdministrator in reply to Treepie

Treepie, You are surely allowed to re-order before the due date when you're not going to be there at the due date - e.g. away on business/holiday or whatever. ;)

I also found that by tweaking my re-order date by just a couple of days each time, I was able to gradually get things to the point where I was actually a month or more ahead with my stock of tablets. An essential situation to be in, in my opinion, so that in the event of a sudden supply problem, you are not left without your 'life sustaining' medication.

BeccyD in reply to RedApple

I always get 2months at a time on my repeat, and I always have at least a months worth in stock. I order online, but it has to go through a doctor before I'm allowed to pick it up.. I have never had an issue getting any of my pills and have never been blocked from getting them. But I take so many different things which are all due at different time during the month as I'm a bit out of Sinc which my GP is aware of.

Could you accidentally "drop a packet down the loo" and need some more???

I have decided to soon give Thyroid S a try and will build up stock of levo in the mean time.

Are you doing the tweaking online Red Apple? The online system gives the date i can reorder .It give a couple of weeks or so leeway but if you use more you will run out before the next renewal date. Could say i lost a packet but not my style.

I would just say that I had lost my meds!! Threw them out by mistake!! whatever you care to try. The doc shouldn't be lying to you about osteoporosis and heart problems!!

Here is the paper showing that low tsh is not linked to osteoporosis. Take it in, make her read it.... Then ask for extra meds....

X. G

Treepie in reply to galathea

I see that was published in 1993! Have i got that right?

Will shortly try NDT and will build up a stock of levo that way.

galathea in reply to Treepie

Yes, its been known since 1993, but unfortunately, not by the doctors attempting to treat us.

Xx g

You say "I was better when I'm slightly over". Does this mean your FT4 result was slightly over range or that your TSH result was slightly under range? Often doctors treat by the TSH results, which is the output of the pituitary, not the output of the thyroid. If they do that they can leave their patients undermedicated. You are not overmedicated until your FT4 and/or FT3 readings are higher than the top of the range.

If your doctor plays the "TSH too low" game then you need to play your own game. Next time you go for a thyroid blood test don't take your thyroid medication for at least 48 hours beforehand, so that your results show that you can have an increased dose. Also have your blood test first thing in the morning, without having eaten breakfast (you can drink water). The TSH varies throughout the day and is highest first thing in the morning.

Alternatively a lot of people just buy some in from abroad and top up the dose your doctor gives them with some more. If you do that you will need to play the game when it comes to your next blood test to keep your doctor happy.

Or you could find another doctor who treats by symptoms, not TSH.

BeccyD in reply to eeng


for the first lot of bloods TSH was under, and T4 just in range but at the top end no T3 done

Second lot THS didn't change, but T4 dropped to mid range and T3 was mid range.

Got a test booked for the 12th as that's the earliest app I could get, so will try going 48 hours and see if it makes a difference.

So the first test was probably a better result - T4 was in range so no reason to reduce meds.

Nope, but we all know whT docs are like! The battle goes on!!

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