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Repost: The response to and follow up of "Consistently high tsh results gp" update 2

Hi all,

please don't let title mislead you, the change in levo dose bought down my TSH so is no longer high (the title refers to the follow on treatment and guidence from my first post refering to TSH).

I have my appointment at addenbrookes on Thursday and have just picked up my blood test results. I attach them for your guidence - is there anything I should be requesting? the supplements (I currently take iron; 4/day, high strength vit c; 2/day, multivit with B12; 1/day, selenium with ACE; 1/day, Vit D; 2/day, folate; 5mg/day) have helped as you can see, but as my symptoms especially fatigue (I have reduced my hours at work as a tempory measure until I can sort the fatigue issue out but this is not sustainable long term) still plague me should I still push for T3?

Test reference rangeunits 22/04/201522/05/2015 12/08/2015

folate >5.38ug /L Not Tested24.00 24.00

TSH 0.35-5.5mU/L 1.22 0.26 0.04

FT4 10-19.8pmol/L 17.50 16.60 15.10

FT3 3.5-6.5pmol/L Not Tested4.00 5.20

Sodium 133-146mmol/L 138.00 Not Tested 137.00

Potassium 3.5-5.3mmol/L 4.80 Not Tested 3.90

Creatinine 44-97umol/L 77.00 Not Tested 70.00

Iron 10-30.4umol/L Not Tested12.20 Not Tested

B12 211-911ng/L Not Tested4.06 370.00

CRP 0-6mg/L 4.00 7.00 12.00

Serum ferritin 10-291ug/L 27.00 38.40 37.90

Vit D2 >75 nmol/L 39.90 Not Tested5.00

Vit D3 5.33 Not Tested89.30

Transferrin 2.5-3.8g/L Not Tested2.50 2.70

% Iron satur'n 0-50% Not Tested21.00 19.00

Magnesiumnmol/L Not TestedNot TestedNot Tested

Serum Ca 2.08-2.65mmol/L Not TestedNot Tested2.25

adj' ser' Ca 2.2-2.6mmol/L Not TestedNot Tested2.42

serum iron 10-30.4umol/L Not TestedNot Tested11.60

Thy per'ase Ab 0-60iu/mL Not TestedNot Tested44.00

Haem'bin Aic 28-38mmol/mol Not TestedNot Tested37.00

Reaction after 22/04/2015 blood test: Started vit D tablets

Reaction after 22/05/2015 blood test: Started B12 supps, multi vit sups, changed Iron from 2/day to 4/day and taking high strength vit c with Iron.

Please see previous posts for background:

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Trucall, thyroid peroxidase is currently negative for autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's). TSH is low, FT4 halfway through range and FT3 just under the top third of range considered ideal. Your FT3 is good so I don't know that adding T3 will be beneficial but may be worth a try to see whether fatigue improves with FT3 higher in range.

B12 370 is low in range, 1,000 is optimal. There's little B12 in a multi-vit, supplement 1,000mcg methylcobalamin sublingual lozenges, spray or patches and take a B Complex vitamin to keep the other B vits balanced. There's no folate result.

CRP is elevated. CRP is an inflammation marker but doesn't say where in the body the inflammation is. Ask your GP or endo to do a full blood count.

Ferritin is still low, optimal is half way through range.

VitD3 89.30 is in the replete range 75-200.

The other results are within range.


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