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Consistently high tsh results gp update

Well I spoke to my new GP and requested a full thyriod panel and I was pleasantly surprised when the bloods included most of what I hoped for. Antibodies and folate weren't tested however, my results were as follows:

TSH= 0.26mU/L (0.35-5.5) [below range]

FT4= 16.6pmol/L (10-19.8) [still<75% range]

FT3= 4.0pmol/L (3.5-6.5) [<25% range]

Vit D= 30nmol/L (30-50) [30nmol/L in April] whilst taking prescribed vit D tabs

Ferritin= 38.4ug/L (10-291)

Iron= 12.2umol/L (10-30.4) whilst taking prescribed iron tabs

Transferrin level= 2.5g/L (2.5-3.8)

%Iron saturation= 21% (16-50)

Vit B12= 406ng/L (211-911) whilst taking over the counter b12 supplements

Eosinophil count still above range almost double top of range - this happened before I was diagnosed and treated for RA I'm guessing autoimmune marker but anybodies not testex. Anyone know if there is relevance to Hypothyroidism? I do have hayfever and take antihistamines all year round and I don't think have an infection, although hard to tell when I feel so wiped out all the time.

My concern is that on the printout it says review levo -TSH below range so when I see my GP next week he might want to reduce my levo. I still don't feel any relief of symptoms and want to push for synthT3 combo or NDT but don't know which would be best- any recomendations?

My migraines, mood swings and depression are getting worse and I haven't even started reducing my amiltriptaline and sertraline - the more I read these symptoms could be due to my hypoth'sm so I could potentially stop these altogether which would be the ideal scenario before pregnancy because they both carry risks.

Can anybody give me advice to best prepare me for this appointment - i'm dreading it - I'm afraid I will become emotional and be dismissed as a crazy hypochondriac lady?

(CRP also spiked above range so eosinophil count could be RA)

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NHS Gps only care about tsh, so there is nothing you can do except what many here have been forced to do - self medicate.

Please don't waste your energy on trying to educate your GP.

I have a suppressed tsh and that is the only way i feel half normal.

You will not get ndt from your gp, you are better off getting it yourself

Your GP will tell you all your symptoms are due to overmedication, i can virtually guarantee that.

Your B12 is still low end of range exp considering you are supplementing.You may want to ask to be tested for Pernicious Anaemia


did you take your levo in the 24 hours before the test ?

Never Never do that or it skews results

Your Ferritin is way too low it should be halfway in its range


Vit d much too low too.


But that alone is not the cause or the solution


Your FT3 is too low - you aren't converting, and that's why you still have symptoms.

The reasons you aren't converting are possibly because of your still too low B12, Ferritin and vit D.

I agree, Don't waste your time trying to educate your GP, get your own NDT, or whatever - some added T3 might do the trick. But you won't know which is best for you until you try.


thanks. everyone, my concern going it alone would be any implications with trying to conceive. if anyone has gone through similar could they please get in touch. I would be interested to hear from anyone who has gone through a successful pregnancy whilst self medicating with NDT? - spread the word...


Ferritin is way way too low and will be just one of the reasons why your unable to convert the T4 in levothyroxine into the t3 your body cells need to function

Urgent action to get your ferritin up to 150 is vital

Obviously getting a prescription for just t3 in the meantime is the way fwd butmany endos will poo poo all requests and will also claim ferritin does not matter but it does and theres research to back this up

As for getting pregnant please please think very seriously indeed the very strong genetic risk of both RA and Graves or Hashimotos in your child


Hi all,

Did see gp today. Booked a long appointment to discuss options for T3 replacement (explained prior to appointment in a letter) instead went back through medical history. valuable and encouraging to see this new gp is taking the time to understand me, my symptoms etc but after 30 min I just have a promise for a referral to endo at addenbrookes which could mean a potential delay of a further 15 weeks before NHS can even try to help - I am very disillusioned.

He did take some time to try and understand why my iron was low so I think he was thinking along the same lines although he never said, so suppose that was good - but still didn't change any of my doses.

I will make a nuisence of myself until I am seen but is it possible to get a feel of what others are doing/have done in my case? see post "POLL - Start T3 supplementation, start NDT self medication or wait till referal?"

Thanks for your comment about pregnancy reallyfedup123 – I have considered it carefully, it was not easy to decide to come off RA meds knowing that I could relapse without them until I eventually get pregnant. Did you choose not to have children if you don’t mind me asking? Any advice ?


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