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Underactive thyroid

Hi I am on 125 mg of levo last tsh was 13.9 last count 8 week ago doc said I was boarder line but I no it not for been on hear so blood getin done tomorrow morning so I have not took my levo this morning till I get my bloods done tomorrow hope this is okay and I am going to start taking my levo at night befor bed as I am still so tiered through the day and I have bought a thyroid support formula containing iodine and selenium tyrosine vital b6 b12 folic acid magnesium and vit c to see if this helps can anyone advise if this supplament could help me

Thanks angelina

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Angelina, You will feel tired until your TSH is lower. Have you had ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate tested? How much iodine is in the supplement?

You could have taken your Levothyroxine this morning, 24 hours been last dose and blood draw is sufficient.


Hi clutter it days 60 ug not mg don't not what that means my doc won't test anything else but the tsh she said that is all they test she said my hemaglobin probably spelt that wrong it fine so that tells her everything else is okay


Angeline, ug =mcg. It's not a high dose so shouldn't cause problems.

There's really no point in testing FT4 and FT3 when TSH is high because they will be low. There can be a value when TSH is 1.0 to check T4 to T3 conversion and if you are still symptomatic then it might be worth you ordering a private thyroid panel.

Good haemoglobin doesn't mean ferritin, vitD, B12 and folate are fine. If your GP won't test the vitamin and minerals you can order private tests from Blue Horizon, Genova and City Assays via


Hi clutter Thanks for the link but a just don't have that kind of money as I can't work any more but payed tax all my working life think I will stand my ground and demand a full test from my doc let you no how I get on



Angelina, the reason for testing is to enable dose to be estimated to optimise levels. If GP won't test it is reasonable to assume vitD and B12 levels aren't optimal in hypothyroid patients and supplement anyway at safe doses which may be lower than your actual requirement but better than nothing.


I complained of burning feet and pins and needles getting worse ( I was being honest!) and got tested recently. Last time was 4 years ago and half of the 8 tests then were out of range and others were low. I brought this up with my GP when I got online access to my test results 18 months ago - zero interest. :-(


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