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Hi I am on 125 mg of levo bloods due in 2 weeks been underactive from February my hair is growing back and is now greesy every day instead of brittle and dry my skin is better but still a bit scaly I am sweating and can't stand the heat again and I was allways frozen I can get a breath feel like am smoking 40 fags a day but I don't smoke and not got a bit if energy so somethings are beter and some things are worse even getin off the arm chair I am sweating and trying to get a breath could I be taking to much levo my last blood tsh was 13.9 so feel I still need more levo to get it down a bit more can anyone give me some advice as my doctor is not much help and says I was boarder line at 13.9

Thanks angelina

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  • Angelina, your TSH should have come down from 13.9 on 125mcg. You'll probably need a couple more dose increases until TSH is around 1.0 though. TSH >10 is overtly hypothyroid and this is why you still feel so unwell. It does take a long time to become optimally dosed but you have felt some improvement and will feel more as your FT4 rises and TSH falls.

  • Thanks clutter I just feel some things are beter and some are worse and the 4 stone weight gain does not help and can't seam to get it off


  • Angelina, there's not much chance of getting the weight off while TSH is high, the best you can hope for is that gain slows as your levels improve.

  • Thanks again clutter

  • Some people feel really hot as well as cold when hypothyroid.

  • Thanks muffy

  • Borderline with a TSH of 13.9 .....geeez change your doctor fast





    Vit d3

    Been tested ?

    Because they must all be halfway in their ranges or your body cannot convert theT4 in levothyroxine into the T3 your cells need to function

    Low level of ferritin is most likely cause of many of your symptoms

  • Hi 123 my doc says there only interested in the tsh had nothing else tested as she says there only interested the tsh is there a supplement I can take to help

  • You need to change doctors

    TSH must never never be used to assess response to thyroid medication

    Your body cannot use levothyroxine if




    Vit d3

    Are below halfway in their ranges

    A simple Google Scholar search ferritin + hypothyroid

    Folate + hypothyroid


    will produce several reports backing up the above

  • Thank you for your help will look it up thanks

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