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Underactive thyroid

Hi I have been having health problems of late, I've had fibromyalgia for 13 years. Last November i suddenly got very dizzy and vile headaches. I suffered going backward &forward to dr no mess worked so I was eventually sent for MRI brain scan, that showed up with an infection in sinuses. In the mean time a blood test came back with underactive thyroid 3.8 I was put on Levo 50mg. A month later it had gone up to 4.2.

Dr put levo up 100mg. Results this month level is now 2.8 which he says is ok but have to stay on 100mg now.

Last few days I have really bad indigestion and afeel of being full up to the top!!

I can't seem to get any answers from GP are the other symthoms I have due to the thyroid, as well as weight gain.

Also could someone tell me if it is ok to take vit B12

I'm also trying a juice that is 100% natural fruit extract full of vits

Don't understand the readings and Dr doesn't seem to want to explain!

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I very much doubt your doctor can explain. He won't have much knowledge of thyroid, none of them do. And, he is totally wrong to say that your TSH is ok at 2.8. That is much too high for someone on thyroid hormone replacement! It should be one, or under. You need an increase in dose.

Weight gain is a symptom of low thyroid, yes. And probably your fibromyalgia is, too. I expect you've been hypo for a long, long time. Did they even test your thyroid before 'diagnosing' fibro?

Dizzyness can be a hypo symptom, but it can be due to many things, including low B12. But, do not start supplementing B12 without first getting it tested. You could have Pernicious Anemia. And, while you're getting your B12 tested, ask the doctor to also test vit D, folate and ferritin, because they could also be low.

Your stomach problems are probably due to low stomach acid - most hypos have low stomach acid. Have a read here :


Wow thank you so much for very helpful reply. I will do as you suggest. I appreciate you time thank you.


You're welcome. :)


For the complete and correct thyroid diagnosis you need the following tested - TSH - FT4 - FT3 and Thyroid antibodies - TPO & Tg. Are you able to have private testing ? and look down through the menu.

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Thank you Marz I will have a look.

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Have edited the post so the link is displayed correctly - missed the dot before after www :-)

Medichecks currently have an offer for testing - displayed on homepage !


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