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Hi, I've been reading up on the above! I was diagnosed 8 weeks ago, symptoms were fatigue migraines and heart palpatations. I am on 50mcg, had my first blood retest at 5 weeks now to remain on same dose for 6 months. Prior to this in the last 18 months have lost over 2 and 1/2 stolen slimming world outline and gym once a week. I'm 26, and have now put on 6lb since I started levo?! My headaches and palls have reduced but fatigue if anythin slightly worse. My nmi is fine and I am not classed as overweight. I don't have any blood test results. Any help would be great

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  • Welcome to the forum, Soph28.

    Symptoms can lag behind good biochemistry by a couple of months so your symptoms may improve. Ask your GP receptionist or practice manager for a printout of your thyroid results with the ranges (the figures in brackets after the results) and post them in a new question and members will advise whether you are optimally medicated.

  • Hi Soph, your levothyroxine is a T4 hormone. Your thyroid normally produces T4,3,2,1 and calcitonin. People on natural desiccated thyroid hormone from pigs receive all those although not quite the same composition as in humans. In order for the T4 to work well with your system, you need to help it convert to T3. Ferritin, folate and B12 need to be high enough to convert T4. stopthethyroidmadness.com/l...

  • You may have read on here that your blood should be drawn as early in the day as possible which is normally around 8- 8.30am and you shouldn't take your medication for 24 hours before testing.

  • Thanks for responses. I'm just worried I've worked hard to lose over 2 stone via sm eating pasta on extra easy and now I'm on this tablet I'm averaging a pound a week at the moment in weight gain. Just adding to low mood

  • Totally sympathise with you. I got diagnosed about 5,years ago, Levo has never suited me, a lot of side effects the main one being hot flushes. I've put on 2 St. Most people are huge that I know who suffer from the condition & from my experience & many others the drug is the cause. Most gp's & specialists not interested in the side effects. I recently heard about Dr. Durrant Petefield in Surrey but he has clinics in different parts of the UK. I have just started a cow thyroid & he diagnosed me with adrenal gland failure which is very common for our community, so also taking natural product for this. Very difficult to access these tablets on NHS. A person I know has been on the pig thyroid that told me about Dr Petefield whom I found very informative and sympathetic. She has lost a huge amount of weight & feels like a different person. If you register with the thyroid UK Society they will email you a list of specialist doctors & what they will prescribe but you usually will have to go privately to access these natural drugs. GP's reluctant to refer people to specialists if blood results showing normal but I have discovered that the bloods can be interpreted differently & GP's don't have enough training on this condition. I live in Wales & had to wait 6 months to see specialist who wasn't sympathetic at all. The difference seeing a doctor that Is a true specialist in the field is enormous. So good luck. You should ask your GP to check your ferritin iron & vitamin B12 levels & vitamin D. Research vitamin supplements. The NHS is failing thousand of people, I know someone recently diagnosed with thyroid, she's very over weight & as soon as she started on the Levo. she has suffered huge hot flushes. Another side effect I've had is getting huge bloated stomach & constipation but recently learned that Vitamin C in high levels really helps with the constipation. I'm taking between 500 & 1000 mg per day. Anyway good luck with it all, don't wait for 5 years like I did and now have enormous side effects & consequences of thyroid condition that the Levo has not treated.

  • Thanks so much x

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