Underactive thyroid

Hi I went to docs on friday with a cough that just won't stop I have to sleep sitting up my glands were swollen so gave me 2000 mg antibiotics a day glands have went down a bit but sill coughing and the feeling am being choked I am on 125 of levo and waiting on scan as he said I have a goiter can it be the goiter that's making me cough my body is so sore with coughing

Thanks angelina

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  • I would not be surprised to find that the goitre is putting pressure on the trachea and thus causing reflex coughing

  • I think so myself but don't think I can do anything till hospital appointment for scan for goiter and that will take about six weeks thanks for taking time to reply


  • Hi angelina . I had to come out of work in march really felt I'll cough cough cough lots of mucus anyhow my doc sent me for scan said prob all down to tyroid . Anyhow my tyroid gland has practicly diss appeared due to hasi attacks which I didn't know I had my tsh was 16 felling lousy all the time still am . I understand what way u feel it's so annoying an worrying also . Still have cough got lots of bloods done this week as need to find out bit more what's going on . I think I've adrenal prob . Hope u get better soon :)

  • Hi Donnanomore thanks for answering my tsh was 13.9 three weeks ago i am on 125 mg of levothyroxin think I will just need to wait on my scan get some answers but I do think it's all conected and think my doctor don't no much about it he even said I should do some exercise witch I said yes if I could get my head off my pillow I am getin no were with my doctor

    Thanks again


  • Yea I have been the same . My doc forgot to send referral so I waited 9 weeks bl. Y useless I am still so tired I'm beginning to worry gotbuo today at 9.30 back in bed for 3pm slept untill 7 my family life is becoming an unorganised mess . I'm supposed to be gluten free because of really high antibodie I'm so tired I must be the num 1 best customer for takeaway . The docs really sicken me now I havnt even the energy to blow dry my hair never mind exercise . The only thing is it can't get any worse :)

  • I was the same a bit beter now am on 125 mg but now got a goiter but my nails are beter and my hair is growing back my skin is getin beter still not got a lot of energy its just this cough my body so sore with coughing if i sit my neck streight a dont cough as much so can't lie down to go to sleep think my goiter is pressing on my trachea i hope you feel beter soon and we get some answers soon


  • Yea u 2 sleep well :)

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