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Underactive thyroid

Hi can anyone tell me I am feeling a lot beter my tsh is 0.01 and that from 54 in February doctor leaving me for 3 months on 125 mg levo to see if I feel beter energy wise I am beter only need a nap in the afternoon when I sleeper all afternoon befor hair is growing back and my nails are growing again the only problem is av went from freezing to hot now am freezing again and my feet are like ice can my thyroid be slipping again

Thank angelina

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Are you still on medication or did you stop taking it after 3 months?


Still on 125 mg of levo doc leaving me on the levo then blood test in 3 months said I am a bit over active now but would probably feel beter it's just that am ice cold again


So, are you showing symptoms of being over active? Eating but losing weight, too hot, hand tremors, intolerant of heat?

No, thought not. Your doctor has most likely looked at your low tsh and jumped to a conclusion. My tsh is 0.02 and has been so for the past 12 years... Doc told me a couple of days ago i was overmedicated for tye past 12 years... Afraid i laughed at him and said i wasnt changing my meds again.

Your tsh isnt enough to show how your thyroid is. You need free t4 free t3 and it would be good to know if you have thyroud antibodies. If your doc wont test because of his budget, you can get a set of comprehensive tsets done by blue horison for £89 if you use the thyroud uk discount.

Will post link when i find it...

G x

Here it is.....



Doc won't test anything else but tsh I feel breathless and if I climb stair for example feel my heart it pumping out my chest doc say it could be my goiter obstructing my breathing but will find that out tomorrow as I have a scan appointment haven't lost any weight witch is killing me 4 stone over now was thinking t3 might help with weight loss will try anything to help shift it


And thanks for the link


It takes many months to get back to health when hypothyroid

Sounds like your on the right track and just need more time


I often think of that Heinekin advert " reaches parts other beers don't reach" and could do with a Levo like that for my feet!

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Lol Treepie


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