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Underactive thyroid

Hi has anyone had this feeling when I bend my chin to my chest I can feel like I my neck is swollen and have a problem swolling sometimes and looking at my neck the bottom looks swollen I am on 100 m of levo get bloods taken again on the 3 of July my mother had a goiter and my sister had a goiter I no I should go to docs but think I am frightened of the out come what are the sighs of a goiter

Thank angela

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Angelina, goitre means swelling of the thyroid. The symptoms you describe suggest you have a goitre. Ask your GP to examine your throat and neck when you have your next appointment.



Thanks clutter for the link will go to docs in the next couple of days just need a bit of advice as my sister and mother are no longer with us to ask questions but I think I have a goiter so will make appointment tomorrow to see doc thanks again



I have that feeling too sometimes, but my husband assures me that my neck doesn't look swollen. As what ever I wear or however I do my hair he says I look fine, I am not reassured myself. However there is no lump and my levothyroxine dose has been the same for years. I haven't seen my doctor about it, as I only get the feeling infrequently. I'd be interested to know if others 'get this' and if anyone knows why.


Hi carolM my neck looks swollen and bending my head down I feel there is something there clutter sent me a link witch was interesting so I am going to the docs this week and get it Sean to

Thanks angelina


I too get that and I choke a lot too x


Wow I just read first line of article it says the thyroid needs iodine well I am allergic to shellfish and when getting angiogram of the heart I took bad reaction to the iodine they used I now carry an epi-pen.


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