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Can you help

Asking for a friend who has sclerosis of liver. But not drank for 12 yrs. Don't know if it has anything to do with thyroid. Would appreciate any help.

Prostate 0.4ug/L (>>3. 0U)

Free t4 1.51mu/L (0.35-5.00U)

Total t3 11.0pmo1/L (9.0-21.0U)

Glucose5. 3mmo1/L (3.5-6.0U)

White blood count 6.9 x10^9/1 (4.0-11.0U)

Red cell count4.36x10^12/1 (4.50-6.50U)

Haemoglobin 138 g/1 ((130-180U)

Haematocrit 0.414. 1/1 (0.400-0.540/U)

Mean cell volume 95.0. f1 (80.0-100U)

Mch31.7 pg (27. 0-32. 0U)

Platelet count 135 x10^9/1 (150-400U)

Neutrophils 3. 4 x10^9/1 (2.0-7.5U)

Lymphocytes 2.3 x10^9/1 (1.5-4.0 U)

Monocytes 0.5 c 10^9/1 (0. 2-0. 8U)

Eosinophils 0.5 x10^9/1 (0. 0-100U 0. 4U)

Basophils 0. 1x10^9/1 (0. 0-0. 1U)

Nucleated rbc. 0 x10^9/1.

ESR. 46 mm/hr (1-10U)

Vitamin b12 614 ng/1 (200-900U)

Serum ferritin 275 ug/1 (20-300)

Serum folate 4. 7ug/1 (3. 1-20U)

Calcium2. 19 mmo1/L (2. 20-2. 60U)

Calcium (adjusted ) 2. 37mmo1/L (2.20-260U)

Phosphate 0. 80 mmo1/L (0. 80-1. 50U)

Albumin 27 g/L (35-50U)

Alkaline phosphatase 88 U/L (30-130U)

Sodium 141mmo1/L 133-146U)

Potassium 4. 1mmo1/L (3. 5-5. 3U)

Chloride 108mmo1 (95-108U)

Urea 4. 5 mmo1/L (2. 5-7. 8U)

Creatinine 96umo1/L (40-130U)

Estimated gfr >60 m1/ min (>>60U)

Total Bilirubin 14 umo1/L (<<20U)

Alt 20U/L (<<50U)

Ast 32 U/L (<<40U)

Alkaline phosphatase 88U/L (30-130U)

Albumin 27 g/L (35-50U

he has chronic stomach pain. No appetite. And constant styes etc.

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Lizcosgrove, thyroid can affect liver function and vice versa qjmed.oxfordjournals.org/co...

Have you made a typo, the FT4 1.51 and range looks like TSH?

B12 is good. 1,000 is optimal. Your friend could supplement 1,000mcg methylcobalamin sublingual lozenges, spray or patches and take a B Complex vitamin to boost folate which is low and keep the other B vits balanced.

Ferritin is high in range which is probably due to inflammation caused by his liver disease.

Red Blood cell count is low labtestsonline.org/understa...

High ESR labtestsonline.org.uk/under...

Low albumin labtestsonline.org.uk/under...

The other results are within range. You can use labtestsonline.org to find out what the tests are for.


The liver can also be damaged by high fructose levels from sugar and fruit. Has your friend maybe swapped one poison for another?

I would consider cutting out gluten as well.

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Thank you both sorry I have been a bit unwell and not keeping up with things. I'm on day 13 of chronic diorea. So haven't had the chance to thank you before.


Thank you both for your advice, which I will pass on.


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