Please can i have some advice and help with blood test results

Please can i have some advice and help with blood test results

Im not too sure what pics youll see so I guess il write it all .

Cortisol basal 457 nmol/l (171-536)

White cells7.9 x10 12/l(4.0-10)

Red cells 4.18 x10 12/l(3.8-4.8)

Haemoglobin 130g/l (120-150)

Haematocrit 0.39 ratio (0.36-0.46)

MVC 94.0 fL (83-101)

HCH 31.1 PG (27.0-32.0)

HCHC 330g/l(315-345)

Playelet count 243 (150-410)

RDw 11.4 (11.0-14)

Mpv 9.1

Neutrophils 3.2 (2.0-7.0)

Lymphocytes 3.2 (1.0-3.0)

Monocytes 1.3 (0.2-1.0)

Eosinophils 0.17 (0.02-0.50)

Basophils 0.05 (0.02-0.10)

Sodium 145 mmol/l (133-146)

Creatinine 113 umol/l (45-84)

Total bilirubin 4 unol/l (2-22)

Alp 63 Iu/l (38-126)

Totaliton bi fing 43.0 70)

Tsh 4.360 mU/L (0.270-4.2)

FreeT3 2.3 pmol/L (3.1 - 6.8)

Free T 4 14.09 pmol/l (12-22)

B12 2000 ng/L(191-663)

Folate serum 17.7 ug/L (4.6-18.7)

Vit D 175 (75-200)nmol/Loptimally teplete

Ferritin 65.1 ug/L(13-150)

If any one needs anythi g else or csn suggest any thi g thsts great

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To my mind, looking at the ranges now you've put them in, that TSH is way too high and T3 way too low but I don't know enough about blood tests to advise. Maybe greygoose will pop back or someone like Marz will come along and tell you what that indicates with regard to your thyroid.

Are you taking B12 supplements? If you are then that explains why that figure is as high as it is.

Hi hun i take a mult b vit a b-50 and you know i eat high protein and fat not enough veg no fruit c suppst minerals lx

Your TSH is too high, and your FT3 is much, much too low! It is below range when it should be at least mid-range, if not top of the range. And you don't seem to be well at all.

What are you taking at the moment, and how much? Looks like you need an increase in whatever it is.

Your iron is a bit low. Are you supplementing that?

Hi im not taking anything at all i take clo and liquid minerals betain hcl my diet is quite restricted as i have gut issues i take vit c multi b vit ty no im not well i havent been like alot of us for along time but the drs dont think its wrong at all thanks very much in on no thyroid meds i eat oils fats and protein with a little veg due to the tummy 😕

OK, I thought you said in one of your posts that you were taking NDT. Have your doctors seen that low FT3? Because no way could that be called 'normal'. And, your TSH is over-range. Plus, if you have symptoms, I don't see they have any justification for not treating you. Ask for a referral to an endo.

They havent seen any of these at all these were done by blue horizions a week ago im not sure about my symptoms yes cold hands and feet tired bkoating diarrohea headacheas neck pains they say it cfs they check my thyroid its ok my diet is poor but they just dont accept anythi g think in a hyper hondric as i worry about my health .i was anorexic you see after that they put it all down to in my head ill have to go to the gp with it and see if they will take any notice of it 😡

CFS = Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Syndrome = a bunch of symptoms. Symptoms are caused by something. And, with a low FT3 like that, the odds are they are caused by hypothyroidism. But the proof of the pudding is in the eating, as they say! If they treat your thyroid and you get better, then that was what was causing the problem.

Besides, chronic fatigue is not going to cause bloating and diarrhea, is it. It is just what it says: fatigue. These doctors really seem to lack logic and the capacity to think! Therefor, we have to think for them...

Mind you, diet does play a big part. Especially eating enough calories! Do you now eat enough calories, do you think? However, doctors should know that anorexics usually end up with a knackered thyroid, so that should have given them a clue!

chronic fatigue and CFS are not the same thing and, just as it is often accompanied by fibromyalgia, ibs is a common symptom.

Thsnks for thst linlow lots of peeps have horrid bowel issues with it like moi ive had the fibro too and now and again thats why i use the mag oil which helps

Well, that's as maybe. But they are all symptoms of low thyroid. My opinion is that they are all low thyroid. But I'm not going to get into a discussion of the whys and where-fors. If you want them to be a lot of separate little diseases, up to you. It's very easy to take a bunch of symptoms and turn them into a new disease when you don't have to provide any proof or blood tests - which is exactly what doctors have done. But, as I said, I'm not here to argue the toss. :)

☺i dont think any of us are itd too tiring and boring being this ill hoing to get someone to go with me however they seem to take more notice if i do as i keep getting told our tests are like all the test err no we all know that and id just like it sorted out as much as i can and to feel better if its at all possible

No i seriously dont eat enough Grey as i bloat such alot ive hsd or have a yeast owergrowth and a few other bits that go with lots of autoimmune stuff.CFs is alot of symptoms strung together and it makes a very big mess.Iagree that the thyroid is a very major problem and i did trial thyroxine about 8yrs ago and then went on to armour which helped for a while and then seemed to do fanny adam but i left it i had a private ex gp and it was so expensive all the time and i was retired on ill health at 37 .so funds are a bit dry sometimes should we say .hindsight is a strange thi g and ty very much for the advice ill let you know how it goes i think when i first took armour i felt really great and was on 1mcg a day anf i felt like it wasnt doing enough and my dr sarah myhill said it was enough .so i did msnage to get pregnant agyer all that time .but shes got such alot of patients and her prices have gone through the roof .

1 mcg or one grain? 1 mcg wouldn't be enough for anyone. But, one grain could have been enough at the time, but you needed and increase after a while. I think, had it been me, I would have increased the dose by myself, just to see. But, that's me...

Thsts why i said hindsight i wasnt as willing to go like that then you see id just managed to get back from 5st 8 and it was a hard fightid been given 8 weeks to live and laughed at it and walked out just had to try my best on my own the label you see Anorexic they just see that .Ive beeb told that the ibd is managable its not up to 13 loos aday isnt and now im going back to the hospital when i dont know if they wont try me i may just have to give it a go .im just hopi g that someone will see sense 😞but ive made it this far but what damage has been caused as its not been addressed for err 12yrs plus

They love to stick labels on you. Doesn't matter what it is - even 'hypo' is a label - only that's a double edge sword. They use it both ways. When it suits them, it's 'nothing to do with your thyroid', but try and get tested for anything else, and you'll be told 'it's all to do with your thyroid'! Lazy, lazy doctoring. We're often better off just treating ourselves.

Well thats my exact point now i wasted so much time mo ey and lfe on this useless lot the private were as bad dr my hill never suggesyed i was pregnant when i went to see her till alot of tests cane back with elevated enzymes and i was tols about 12 weeks at most err scan 1st 1 id had i was 2days under 6mths .how wrong would you like a hodpital to be .i had frlt odd really well for me so strange but i had no shape change no timmy no bum only then the boobs went arrrgh !!!! Then 3weeks later i lost her .They put it down to just how it is ive never bothered again not been good enough health and knocking 48 now .i woulnt cope now my moods are very bad and jon is 50 and had a stroke last yr minor but not good .sorry but if you know me i am as i am .

No, I understand. Parenting is a young person's job. But I'm so sorry you lost her. Very strange that they didn't pick up on it earlier.

Sorry 1grain a day for about 18 mths

Well, that was a very low dose. I can't understand why dr mayhill thought it was enough! A starter dose for 18 months just isn't good.

This is said with great respect for her most patients only get better after seeing Dr PEatfield once they saw him they moved on very fast improved so much .I think we all have very complex issues that if left onviously get worse and a gps not seen any of this type of thing i still think unless you get the bloods and all the whole picture tests were all up a gum tree .no one ever found parasites in me on all the tests i had but when i passed them the lab identified them and said oh they are so easy to miss well if you cant tell what hookworms are or that type of thing i doesnt count for mich no wonder the big c in an organ is mostly at stage 4 when found 😔pathetic

I don't think you can tell if you have parasites from blood tests - unless the parasite is in the blood. But, I don't know much about that.

No i dont think you can but you cant very well from a stool test either not good.i had a really good old dr once and he slways said if you worm your dog dont younthink you ought to do youself i think imopo he was right alot of the old meds did do their job .i take iodine everyday not everones cup of tea but its helped my stomach in many ways and i dont think id look as i don if i didnt take it.put it like this i eas told to dtop the brtaine hcl oh dear did i pay for that 1.everything went haywire and i was so ill that caused the aplastic anemia i wasnt digesting at all .i had to eat that much protein to just keep up a weight and it was the only thing with the transfusions and vit injections that made me get better .so i dont tend to listen to them much thats why i do vits and minerals in liquid so they go in well as much as i can

Who told you to stop the betain? I really don't think iodine is a good idea, unless you test deficient in iodine. And if you are taking it, you should also be taking selenium. I've never heard of iodine being good for digestion before.

A bloody silly private dr im blood group a snd we have low hcl as thing so they thought it maybe msking my gut worse the diarrohea and i did whatvthey said .Iodine is something that every cell needs most people are deficient as the diet has no e in it any more or very little it helps the gut to make acid kills infections in the blood and is very low toxic .I have some friends now overvthe years in the bio chemistry industry they are bio chemists and its never harmed me in fact the opposite .Im warmer now than i have been in years but its not like i felt on armour .you can be very deficient as you have to sbsorb well and then transport the energy .hy skin is very good since i took it not so thin or dry my wounds heal better hair grows after years of not at fact it all fell out at one stage .horror .nothing becomes immume to it .most people dont consume any iodine and the food we generally eat is processed so it just depletes vits and minerals .chlori e bromide compete with it for uptake thats in most foods .in fact pcos and sterility are very common signs of its shortage .thyroid isnt my thing tummy is .its used to unblock thyroid nodules and keep the heavy metals from building up .its good stuff as they still paint it allover you when you have an op.possibly the only 1 thing they do properly still. Paint things with it i did a corn on my mums toe it fell off in a week and lovely soft skin no tissue damage . Just me opinion .

It's a good thing to paint it on a wound unless you're allergic to it. And then, believe me, it burns like hell!!! And, if you over-dose on iodine, you can become allergic to it. I speak from experience!

I'm not saying nobody is deficient in iodine, I'm saying you should check your levels first. Because excess iodine is not a good thing. Iodine is recycled in the body, so you don't need very much. And excess can do a lot of damage, including triggering Hashi's. It's not something you can slosh around thoughtlessly. More is not better. Plus, as I said, iodine works with selenium, so you should be taking that, too.

Im carful with it i take a form called magnascent which is not like lugols its in a namo particle form i used it under a quqlified dr i did do a loadi g dose test and ive always been ok with it lugols is hard on the gut and i had good results with potassium iodide and i take selenium too

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