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Morning everyone

I finally have a result of my thyroid autoimmune test. I have done a do-it-yourself test as my doctor has refused for the past 12 months despite me repeatedly requesting it and having many symptoms. Could you please help me interpret the results? I do have the doctor's comments that came with the results but would appreciate your comments please so I can go to my doctor with a stronger argument.


CRP 0.9 (<3.0)

Ferritin 57.5 (20-150)

Thyroid Function

Free T4 11.49 (12-22) This result is highlighted in red as Low

Free T3 4.44 (3.1 - 6.8)

TSH 6.16 (0.27 - 4.2) This result is highlighted in red as High

T4 Total 88.9 (64.5 - 142)


Anti-Thyroidperoxidase abs 234.2 (<34) This result is highlighted in red as High

Anti- Thyroglobulin Abs 68.9 (<115)


Vitamin B12 219 (142 - 725)

Serum Folate 14.47 (10.4 - 42.4)

Is this enough or do you want me to say what the comments were. From the comments, it sounds as if the doctor was presuming I am diagnosed already and being medicated. I am not. I still haven't been able to get my own GP to listen to me and test me.

Sorry this is a long post.. Thanks in advance.

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  • Firstly, is there another doctor you could go to? The one you are using sounds incompetent at best and negligent at worst. Lab results differ according to area, but from your results, your TSH, produced by the brain, is saying that the thyroid is not making the correct amount of horomones. This is evidenced by the low T4. The T3 is at the lower end of normal. Your high Anti-Thyroidperoxidase shows that your are producing antibodies which are attacking your thyroid. This suggests you have the auto-immune version of an under active throid. On this basis you should be offered treatment. Keep a list of your symptoms, record you blood results over time and read up on the subject. There is a lot of help around, including this forum. Good luck.

  • Thank you, Scazzoh. My TSH and T4 have been just in range when I have been tested at my surgery and, for that reason, my doctor (or I think the lab) has refused to do the antibody test. I have felt awful for the last 12 months - have been losing my hair, my skin is dry and itchy, I am constantly exhausted, my memory has all but disappeared etc etc. I am already diagnosed as having Coeliac disease and so I know another autoimmune disease is quite common but STILL the doctor refused to listen. Unfortunately there is no other surgery I can go to so I have no choice, hence the private test.

  • That's the ridiculous thing about lab ranges varying from region to region. It makes a complete mockery of prescribing by blood results. You could be labelled as 'ill' in one area and 'well' in another. The NICE guidelines on the treatment of thyroid disease suggests (on page 18) for 'subclynical hypothyroidism', (which I guess is what your GP thinks you have) 'Consider offering a trial treatment if the person has symptoms compatible with hypothyroidism. Prescribe treatment for a sufficient length of time to he able tojudge where there is symptomatic benefit' You could pass this advice to your doctor.

  • Thank you, Scazzoh. Actually, I'm a bit scared to say anything to my doctor now as I think I have already got his back up demanding tests!! Mind you, in for a penny and all that...... I might just print off as much information as I can find and send it to him!!

  • Hi Scazzoh. I'm preparing a letter to sen to my GP along with my test results and would like to read up on a few things first. Do you have a web-link for the Nice Guidelines (page 18) that you mentioned please? I have gone into the Nice website and have found the info about the thyroid but I only seem to be finding updates and not 'real' information. Sorry to be a nuisance xx

  • It's ok - I think I've found it. Thanks anyway x

  • No wonder you have been feeling awful.

    There is the evidence, your GP should hang their head in shame for negelecting you.

    It disgusts me that patients are written off as "overy dramatic" or making things up or whatever.

    You need to be treated until you feel well, a bit more like your old self etc...etc. If you don't get this from your current GP you may well need to go about finding another GP.

    Good luck, everyone here is on your side! :)

  • OMG I nearly cried when I read your reply spongecat. Just seeing that someone believes that I have felt so low and that the blood tests show there is something amiss. I just don't know what to do with the results as I don't think my GP will accept them as they were done independently :(

  • It doesn't really sound as though he has much choice as the facts are there in your results. You have been proven right - you haven't been wasting his time, so go and see him again sure in that knowledge.

  • Ha - you don't know my doctor! I have tried 3 different ones at the practice and they have all refused to test me. I think it will be a matter of pride for them now - I am sure they will come up with some reason why the results don't mean a thing. I now need to arm myself with as much information as possible for my next visit.

  • Take someone with you to your next visit and take notes. Let them see you are not wasting their time and expect to be treated seriously.

  • Hopefully if you go in with the right attitude and armed with the facts they will see their error. Try and be positive if you can. Good luck!

  • Thanks Musicmonkey. I think you've hit the nail on the head by mentioning 'their error' and unfortunately I think this could be the sticking point. After more than a year of me returning, saying how I feel and requesting an antibody test and being refused, I have a sneaky feeling it's not going to go down well, the fact that I have had the test done privately and, as you say, proved them wrong. I am trying to think ahead as to how they will try to wriggle out of this to prepare myself for my next appointment!!

  • As long as you stay away from a blaming attitude I think you'll be fine. At the end of the day your goals are hopefully the same as theirs.

    Your better health!

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