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New Thyroid Test Results

Hello Peeps

I had a private thyroid test done have just had my results.

I don't think there is anything untoward as nothing about the thyroid test results were commented on, but wondered if anyone can take a look and give me a layman's explanation of what the figures mean.


TSH 2.27 Normal range .27 - 4.2 IU/L

T4 Total 83.0 Normal range 64.5 - 142 nmo/L

Free T4 13.61 Normal range 12 - 22 pmol/L

Free T3 4.29 Normal range 3.1 - 6.8 pmol/L


Anti-thyroidperoxidase abs 8.2 Normal range <34 klU/L

Anti-thyroglobulin Abs 16.5 Normal range <115 KU/L

On another tack my Vitamin B12 result was 259. Normal ranges on the results were as follows:

Deficient <140 pmo/L

Insufficient 140 - 250

Consider reducing dose>725

Could this be contributing to severe pins and needles I get? It is extremely painful when I am lying down in bed for example and reading a book or looking on my tablet and have to shake my arms quite a bit to ease it, but can also get it when I am driving and occasionally when I am standing up and painting glass on the lightbox. The doctor didn't seem too concerned the last time I saw her but it really bothers me.

I am also deficient on Vitamin D but am going to see the doctor about this:

Vitamin D (25OH) L 17 Normal range Deficient < 25 kIU/L

Anyway, any advice /comments would be welcomed. Thank you!

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I am assuming you haven't yet been diagnosed as being hypothyroid?

Both your FT3 and FT4 are on the low side for you to feel well. This is from TUK:-


which says you are hypothyroid.


B12 too low and you should supplement with B12 methylcobalamin sublingual.

Your Vit D is also low and others will respond on how best to raise this if GP doesn't prescribe.



Thanks for your response. No, I have not been diagnosed with hypothyroidism.

my doctor did do a thyroid test but declared everything was 'normal'; was tested for TSH (2.69) and Free T4 (13.6) . I tried to tell her about the things I was experiencing including a lot of things on the Thyroid UK list and the hair loss I have had and family history. I was in tears at the end of this. The doctor asked what I wanted - said I just wanted to feel better and not to carry on feeling so rubbish every day and experience all these things. The upshot of it all was she practically dismissed the lot and prescribed antidepressents and suggested a visit to a counsellor.

She also refused to get a B12 test done when I requested, but had done a Vit D test and am on tablets for this. SHe also suggested I take iron tablets

My Mother suggested I have a private test but I don't know enough to see what the results might mean and whether I should go back to the doctor about further tests or referral.

Interesting that the private test shows Vit D levels lower than NHS, that I am borderline B12 insufficient and that my iron levels are very high (don't know on what basis the doctor suggested I take iron tablets!).

The question is, do I chase the Thyroid results up or just leave it? Perhaps taking B12 will be the answer and improve things, as well as asking about iodine (see Galathea's response). I am beginning to think it is all in my mind. am neurotic and wasting the doctors time.

So advice is very much welcomed!



The low B12 could well be part of the problem with the pins and needles. Its called neuropathy. Heres more info... naturalsociety.com/vitamin-...

You need to suppliment with sub lingual b12 and some vitamin b to keep everything in balance.

The low vitamin D needs sorting out... The remedy is vitamin D3 tablets, available over the counter or online.... Not been taking anything to reduce cholesterol have you? Vitamin d is made from cholesterol when you sit in the sun. If the vit d is low, cholesterol builds up in readiness.

You dont appear to have problems with antibodies, so it may be that your only just over range free t4 and the raised tsh. Is because your thyroid doesnt have enough raw material to work with? Many countries have depleted iodine levels and without iodine the thyroid cannot produce hormones.... Might be worth either getting tested or, just trying some.

A normal tsh is 1 and some countries would consider you hypothyroid with a tsh of 3. Not the uk though....

Hope this gives you some pointers.

Xx g


Good morning! THank you so much for your response. I will be going back to the doctor re Vit B12 and iodine but am not sure how to go forward re Thyroid question. You can see my response to 'Shaws' above.

An added issue is I think I am going through the menopause and this is partly why the doctor is so reluctant to do more tests. Perhaps she is just plain fed up with me.

Anyway, at least I have more questions to ask and other paths to check out which may help me feel better.

Thank you! :)


Hello galathea I have just re-read your post and have a question about Vit D3 and cholesterol. I am taking Vit D3 tablets as directed by my doctor (1000iu). You mentioned cholesterol build up when Vit D is low. I haven't been taking anything to reduce this. I didn't know about it to be honest. Is this something the doctor should have known about when prescribing me the tablets and discussed with me? should levels of this be assessed/tested either before or during a course of Vit D3? It all seems so hap-hazard and to find out these things on a forum page and not from my doctor is slightly worrying!

I will ask about iodine too.



Afraid the doctors dont really care.... They know all this stuff, but they get paid more to just put you on anti depressants than to help sort you out.

The uk is short of iodine in the soil.. It was announced about 6 years ago, but nothing has been done.... Alll salt used to have added iodine, which could easily be done again, ... You can buy iodised salt from lidl and the net though.

You might do well to read.... Your thyroid and how to keep it healthy.... By dr barry peatfield. Its easy to read annd will give you lots of info...... Available on amazon for less than £10

If you had been given statins for high cholesterol then i would be worried if the vit d levels were low.... But if you arent on statins then no problem....

Xx g


No statins so no problem! THanks for the lead on the reading front. I will look that up. I have also made another appointment with yet another doctor who, according to the blurb, specialises in 'womens health'. Hoping she will be more open and take on board the results I have, answer some questions I have and be willing to find me some help.



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