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Most comprehensive tests I have had done - would appreciate your take on the results

Cortisol levels

Result Range

Sample 1 - 10.20 5.56 -22.20

Sample 2 - 5.30 2.45-8.12

Sample 3- 3.20 1.54 -5.56

Sample 4- 1.30 1.17 -3.18

DHEA Mean 0.53

DHEA Cortisol Ratio 2.65

Total T4 86 58-161

TSH 2.16 0.40-4.00

FT4 13.3 11.5-22.7

FT3 3.6 2.8-6.5

FT4:FT3 Ratio 3.7 2.0-4.5

Thyroglobulin <20 <= 40

TPO 13 <= 35


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Sandra, TSH is a little high and FT3 a little low but FT4 is about right for someone on NDT. Certainly room for a dose increase if you are still symptomatic.

Antibodies are negative for autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's).


Hi Clutter

Not currently taking NDT and haven't been since late last year early this year after advise from a doctor. I am now being told that going back on this is the next step after treating the with 50mg DHEA and NAX


Sandra, those results are good, you should only need a little NDT when you restart.


Oh, I have been told that though some are in range they are not optimum hence the elimination diet and DHEA etc. I had hoped they provided an explanation for what I have been going through for the past few years which seemed to be the case from the practitioner. Is it worth me bothering supplementing then if these are good results? What does this mean overall in terms of why I have all these symtoms then I wonder!


SandraCC, sorry, I was referring to thyroid results. I don't know anything about cortisol and DHEA.


Ok thanks, though there are plans to treat the thyroid once the adrenals have been treated.


Cortisol appears to be a little bit low, but not horribly... do you feel a little bit groggy in the mornings? Difficult, longer time than usual to wake up? You might consider supplementing with some pregnenolone to give your adrenals a little extra support.


HI - I am due to supplement with DHEA. They want me to start off with 50mg but I am wary. I am groggy in the mornings and it is difficult to wake up - I will have to look up pregnenolone, not heard of it before.


Pregnenolone is the mother hormone of all of the adrenal hormones - including DHEA. I would be wary of 50 mg DHEA too, personally. You can find the best info on all this stuff over on Ray Peat's site:

- just search for pregnenolone. It was his research and expertise that led me to begin taking pregnenolone, and while I do take DHEA as well, I take minute quantities - only 5mg, sublingually, and not every day.

Ray Sahelian also has a site with information on DHEA and pregnenolone, if you want to look there as well. It's a bit mixed as far as Ray Peat's info - Peat advocates high dose pregnenolone while Sahelian says don't do it. I find that it's best to have all the information possible, make my own decisions, and monitor with my health care provider.

Hope it helps more than it confuses. :-) The important thing is to listen to your body, know what symptoms are and what they mean, and let your healthcare provider assist with monitoring your levels. It does appear to me, just based on your results you posted above, that your cortisol levels are low, especially in the mornings. This, to me, would suggest the need for pregnenolone, especially upon waking.


Thanks. I am in a bit of quandary though. I have been offered the contraceptive pill (combined). Dr recently recognised that all my symptoms started when I came off it - he has seen this happen to other women before. I know I was alright on the pill, didn't have the acne and weight issues I have now but, at my age, early's, there are higher risks. I also know that at best, I could only be on it another 9 or so years before having to look at this all again. Now, my understanding is DHEA does a similar the pill in balancing the progesterone and oestrogene or similar male and female hormones - is that right? I was going to start at 25mg and see how I went tbh. This is the unknown for me and dubious as reading and many conflicting opinions.


DHEA, as long as it stays DHEA, and in the right quantities for your body, is a good thing - a very good thing. But DHEA if it gets converted to the "wrong" hormones for you... well, not so good. It's tricky. Just note every thing you feel, everything you observe. Here are things to watch for with DHEA supplementation, so if you exhibit any of this, you know where it's coming from:

I'm interested in why DHEA though, rather than progesterone, to balance your progesterone/estrogen levels? Do you have excessive progesterone and low estrogen?


I don't know why I have been advised to take this rather than anything else. It sounds like it works in a very similar way to the combined pill (other than offering contraception) so I guess that might be why but not 100% sure. Having read what you have added here and reading a book the DHEA breakthrough I think that it would be far better for me to start even lower - on 10 mg

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