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Just got my daughter tested

Hi there

I am hypothyroid and my 20 yr old daughter has a lot of thyroid type signs so recently had a full Thyroid screen, anaemia tests and Adrenal stress profile. She hasn't seen a Dr about any of this yet.Her results are:

TSH 3.00 range 0.40 -4.0

TT4 70 range 58-161

FT4 12.9 range 11.5-22.7

FT3 4.8 range 2.8 - 6.5

FT4:FT3 ratio 2.7 range 2.0- 4.5

ReverseT3 0.29 range 0.14- 0.54

Thyroglobulin (TG) 88 range <=40

perioxidase (TPO) <10 range <=35

Haven't got the anaemia test back yet but her 4 cortisol results are

sample 1 31.54 range 7.45-32.56

sample 2 15.56 range 2.76- 11.31

sample 3 9.24 range 1.38 - 7.45

sample 4 4.80 range 0.83 - 3.86

DHEA mean was 1.85

dhea/Cortisol ratio 0.077 range 0.015- 0.150

secretory IgA 206 range 102-471

So the thyroid results, coupled with her symptoms make me think she needs to get some treatment? Private, obviously :-(

The high cortisol results are worse than mine and I have had a lot on my plate !

Any suggestions? I am reading Datis Kharrazian at the moment and he suggests that going Gluten free and using adaptogenic herbs like ashwaganda may keep the anti-bodies at bay and avoid the need for replacement thyroid hormones.

I know my daughter is relieved that her bloods show something is amiss as she has been feeling so lousy but I don't want to freak her out as she is starting UNI this week- need to get her sorted quickly though.


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Sue_b, your daughter's thyroglobulin antibodies are positive for autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's). She won't get NHS treatment until TSH is over range or FT4 is below range at her GP's lab but some private doctors will treat TSH >3. FT4 is almost bottom of the range and FT3 4.8 is probably only good due to the high TSH.

Gluten-free diet may help delay progression to hypothyroidism but it won't repair damage already caused to the thyroid and TSH >2 is a sign the thyroid is struggling to produce hormone.

Email for a list of member recommended private GPs and endocrinologists.

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Hi Clutter,

thanks for your reply, and the link , I will check it out. I think the only sensible thing to do is get her a Drs appointment a.s.a.p so I will contact Louise.

Gutted that she has the damn thyroid issue too :-(

Many thanks



I don't think these any doubt she is hypothyroid and if my daughter I would suggest taking thyroid-s

but you do need to establish whether ferritin



vit d3

need supplementing too


Hi there

thanks, yes, I think you're right, just didn't really want to accept it :-(

we are waiting for her Anaemia results so it is just Vit D we are short on. I am about to switch from levothyroxine to an NDH called Thiroyd, manufactured in Thailand ( donated to me by a lady who uses it and has a massive over supply).

Perhaps I could use that for my daughter or should I be more cautious? It is 60mg per tab. I intend getting her an appointment with a private doctor but its an important time for her and we don't want to hang about.

thanks for your help. I am more nervous about trying to get things right for her than I am for myself .



Better to use Thiroid-s if your ordering it /paying for it

My daughter and granddaughters have used both but Thyroid seems to be subpotent are very very reliable and cheap for both

be very careful though because you could be charged with criminal acts if you medicate any child under 16

see and the article about Marys Daughter

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My GP told me that NICE guidelines state the GP can treat with a trial of Levo for symptons if bloods aren't high enough (TSH). He diagnosed and treated me under those guidelines.

Worth having a chat with your GP and also check the NICE guidelines.

Good luck


Thanks for that. She has just arrived at University so it will have to be the medical team there.


My TSH was 2.6 when I was treated. I was in my 3rd year of Uni.

Hope she gets well soon x

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Yes, my GP also (very reluctantly) gave me a trial with very similar initial bloods, including antibodies, so there's still hope. It may be worth finding and printing the NICE guidelines to take with you. I was trialled on an initial (useless) dose of 25mcg T4, slowly with lots of visits and persuasion increased to 100mcg. Do try all GP's at surgery until you find one who's willing to work with you/your daughter. If no joy, change surgeries! Good Luck.


Thanks for your reply Rick , it is amazing how many people are in the same boat and I hope you are now sorted. I have no patience left as i have been through the NHS for my own thyroid issues and now I know better-- bypass, go private.

Best wishes Sue


Hi Sue, yes it's very frustrating, but also comforting to know how many are suffering the same treatment (or lack of it). I also had to go private to finally get the support I needed (Dr. M), but in the meantime have found a more understanding NHS GP who was open to me trying NDT - I couldn't believe it!. The NHS simply doesn't work for Thyroid problems. Hope you get your daughter sorted out quicker this time round - prior experience is a great help!.

All the best, Rick

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Thank you :-)

I have sent you a message

bet regards



Just to say, a big thank you to you all :-)


Thyroid hormones do not work well if levels of Iron - Ferritin - Folate - B12 - VitD are LOW - they need to be optimal and not just in range. It will be interesting to see her results....

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Hi Marz,

finally got Cloela's results back

B12 651 range 187-883

Folate 8 range 2.3 - 17.6

Ferritin 40 range 5- 204

Only other thing is a RBC that is high 5.05 range 3.8 - 4.8

From the very small amount of reading i have just done, I guess this is due to the bodies need for more O2 carrying capacity .

She will be seeing Dr D-P in a few weeks so in the meantime I have started her on NDT 1 grain and a mixed b complex with b6 20mg , b12 500ug and folic acid 800ug .

she is struggling massively with everything :-( any insights?

thank you :-)



Ferritin - or the stored iron is LOW - and needs to be around 80/90. I would suggest taking B12 on its own as the 500 in the B Complex is not really enough. Jarrow do a 1000 and 5000mcg chewable. B12 could do with being a little higher.

Do hope your daughter soon feels better and I expect Dr BDP will treat or support her adrenals. Have you read about Methylfolate v Folic Acid - the first is natural and the second synthetic. Can make a difference for some people. I take the Thorne Research B complex containing Methylfolate. However I do not feel the difference - just hoping my cells do !

How about adding in some Iron treatment - I am not the best person to ask about that - as some are better than others. Also it can take time to increase Ferritin levels I have read :-)


Thanks Marz, I will check out the folic acid issues. Iron treatment, I was thinking of the Spatone sachets but wasn't sure whether the dose is enough. I am using the Kirkland B12 5000mcg, which is methylcobalamin, she didn't like it when I gave it to her to try. I thought it was yummy :-) I will have a look at those other supplements and post anther question about getting ferritin sorted and see what others have to say.

Do you think she should hold off taking the NDT until the Dr has seen her? As her Adrenals need supporting I wasn't sure whether starting the NDT would be detrimental at the moment.

Thank you for all your assistance

Sue :-)


When I read - I thought that T3 supports the Adrenals - as does VitC.... and the Indian supplements you mentioned in an earlier post. So NDT could be a good idea. You could always speak to the lady at Dr P's - she has acres of knowledge - if it's the same one !

Does your daughter have any gut issues - I have always focused on the gut as I have/had Crohns and read everything I can about healing them :-) So much seems to be connected to the gut and its occupants !


Great idea Marz, I will ask the lady at Dr. P's

Clo does complain about her digestion a fair bit but not acid/reflux, more indigestion and bloating. we have both gone gluten free and Clo is cutting out other possible problem foods, deadly nightshade family and dairy. I looked up about foods that cause histamine to rise and these are gone too. Of course then there is the autoimmune diet. A lot of crossovers I think between them all but Clo would prefer to be vegetarian.

I would hope that any gut issues can be healed when her diet is modified. Perhaps Dr P will have some way of finding out.

Thanks again

Sue :-)


We can of course be Gluten sensitive without being a Coeliac. I have read two books recently - both have taught me new things. ( Love learning new things ! ) In Dr Sarah Myhill's latest book - Sustainable Medicine - she talks some good stuff. The one thing I have taken on board is taking large doses of VitC before going to sleep - I am on 2000mcg but you dose slowly upwards to bowel tolerance !! It is supposed to settle SIBO - small intestinal bacteria overgrowth. Dr Myhill calls it gut fermentation. I have had Crohns for over 40 years and do not take any medication. I have had some noticeable changes which I am pleased about. Of course Adrenals also LOVE VitC. She also talks about CoQ10 - that every cell needs for energy - not just for running - for running our body internally :-)

The other book is - Brain Maker - by David Perlmutter. Again lots of ideas that may just help.

I know I am such a bore :-) M x


Lol, not at all Marz :-)

Clo has been told twice that she has gluten intolerance, once by a kinesiologist and another time by a naturapath testing the electrical charge in her body when holding vials of potential problem items. I guess they were right.

I will have a look at Dr Myhills book and funnily enough I have got Dr Perlmutters book, Grain Brain.

I too love to learn new things and this challenge of getting to grips with my own thyroid problems and now my daughters too is certainly giving me lots to grapple with. A maternal aunt who , as far as I have managed to find out, is the only other thyroid sufferer in the family ( badly managed) has just died suddenly from a heart attack. apparently her arteries were clogged ( despite being on high doses of Statins). This has made me even more determined to crack this thyroid issue :-(( and do it the non NHS way .

Feel free to pass on any other pearls of wisdom.

best regards

Sue x


We need good levels of cholesterol - maybe something else caused the blocked arteries - inflammation for instance or even LOW thyroid. Are you a Dr Kendrick fan ?


Well, yes, something else must have because her statin dose was high and she insisted recently that they lower it. I bought her the Dr Kendrick book in the last couple of months and I now have it back :-( I believe he raises the issue of women not benefiting from Statins and that we need more as we age but to be honest my learning curve has been a little overwhelming with all this recently, especially as I now find my daughter has the same issues. I don't know what I know anymore :-0. My Aunts TSH was below 1 ( her regular GP had left it there ( or not looked at it is more likely from what I gather) but a locum took a look at it and reduced her levothyroxine and she did say she felt better. I didn't know but apparently she had been having difficultly walking and headaches but was plowing on trying to get her self sorted but not with as much information as I now have, unfortunately. Perhaps she wasn't converting or had blocked uptake; I think the thyroid revolution came a bit too late for her.

Sue x


...such a shame. My lovely Mum died at 80 undiagnosed - some 15 years ago. I knew so very little at that time. She lost her hair at menopause and was told to buy a wig. Later palpitations were identified as the early signs of angina - take these drugs - as she did until the end. So wish I had the knowledge then I now have..... :-(

You are right - there was research done over many years that showed that people dying in hospitals had LOW levels of cholesterol.....

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sue_b...her high cortisol is that what your adrenal gland makes? Maybe they are stressed. Have a 24 hr Saliva test. Because like ALL of our levels RISE and FALL at different times of the day even while we sleep.


Hi Killnana

Cortisol is one of the things that your adrenal glands make. Thanks, yes, we've done the saliva tests and are about to do them again to check progress :-)


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