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Latest results, can i have your opinion pls?


Dr P has me on adrenal support for 4weeks now and thyroid nutri for 1 week. Never put my

Genova results on here what do you think? These were obviously prior to treatment.

24hr urine range in brackets

T3 400 (592 -1850)

T4 83 (347-1994)

T3:t4 ratio 4.8 (0.50-2.00)

Cortisol levels

Post awakening 48.4 (12-24)

+4-5hrs 3.9 (5-9)

+4-5hrs 3.5 (3-7)

Prior to sleep 3.9. (1.0-3.0)


Sample 2......0.45 (0.30 -1.00)

Sample 3 ......0.84 (1.0 -4.0)

Only thing dont understand is dhea side of things.

I have to take sleeping tabs otherwise wouldnt sleep......

Thanks in advance for your opinion


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are your test results from a urine test or from a blood test ?.......because I believe that correct t3/t4/etc can only be done from bloods ?


They are from 24hr urine test. I hope thats not the case. Just spent alot of money on tests as advised by dr p.


hi there cat , on the info that I have received from this site [ always excellent ] I believe that you can only get the thyroid test results from bloods ---- i.e. t3/t4/tsh from blood tests -----please contact hellvella [ rod ] at admin ....he knows a damn site more than I do ......he will, I am certain be more able to advise better than I can--- you may need to give him the TOTAL info on what actual tests you had done and full info as you know it .... but he does know his stuff...... and he will try to help or point you in the correct path ....LoL alan


Thanks for your reply alan. I read opposite on here! As you may know Dr P is one of he recommended private docs/nutritionists whatever you want to call him on the thyroid uk list. I just got the tests carried out that he ticked box after my meeting him.


I cannot answer about your blood tests but someone will.

Everyone can respond differently to thyroid gland medications and it can be trial and error to find one that suits. It can take quite a while unfortunately

This is a link I read and I know Diana Holmes was another woman who was failed by the NHS. She wrote a book 'Tears Behind Closed Doors' and it was Dr Barry who finally diagnosed her and gave her a life back.


Adrenals can only be tested via blood tests ATCH, same as Thyroid. Urine can show up, bloods, proteins, ketones, pregnancy infection etc. There maybe residual flushing of thyroxine and other chemicals in the body in uring but the blood tests are the most accurate.

The 2 DHEA are when you are awake you drink so keeps fushing the kidneys and urine will be typically lighter in colour. . When you are asleep the urine has to sit there so to speak and is therefore mostly concentrated and darker. Which is why most urine tests ask for the first pee after sleep..


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