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24 hour adrenal stress test results - help please :)

My results have just come back from my 24 hour adrenal saliva test. Any help interpreting them would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Cortisol Levels

Sample 1 - 24.56 (7.45-32.56)

Sample 2 - 6.62 (2.76-11.31)

Sample 3 - 3.86 (1.38-7.45)

Sample 4 - 1.38 (0.83-3.86)

DHEA Sample 1 (am) 0.47 (0.25-2.22)

DHEA Sample 2 (pm) 0.29 (0.25-2.22)

DHEA: Cortisol Ratio 0.019 (0.015-0.150)

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I'm reviewing these from the perspective of feeling optimal rather than ok.

Sample 1: bit low (as close to top of range is best)

Sample 2: low (3/4 of range best)

Sample 3: bit low

Sample 4; a little high (closer to 1 makes it easier to fall asleep).

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Thanks Vallillyann1, do you think I need to do anything to improve my levels. I'm now taking siberean ginseng (since after the test). What about my DHEA level?



Both cortisol and DHEA results are really good.

Don't forget variations will occur as adrenals react to stress factors (internal and environmental) which may change from day to day.

Even if you received the "perfect" result one day, it could very well alter slightly the next.

I wouldn't recommend supplementing any adrenal support as it might cause an imbalance.




The DHEA will rise as you raise your cortisol. I woukd be careful using ginsing.

You need to work on lowering that high to allow you to sleep, you could think about zinc. Then you can start on raising lows using adrenal cortex.

Take lots of Vit C (whole food works best for me)


I do have a zinc supplement so I'll start taking that. Is it good to take at nightime or doesn't that matter?

I'm feeling really well since optimising my Armour dose. Taking it according to the circadian rhythm has had a huge beneficial impact. So, I'm not sure I'll need the adrenal cortex. I haven't looked into that much yet but will keep it in mind. Thanks for replies :)


Take zinc an hour before you high for two weeks & then see how you feel.

You should be ready to work on your lows with adrenal cortex & your lows are modest so you should feel improvement in a week or so but support your adrenals for a bit longer.


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