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Blood results your thoughts please

Hi lovely people been on levo for 8 weeks 50mcg here are my blood results your thoughts would be appreciated .. TSH 1.39 (0.25-5 )

T4 17.1 (9-23 ) Folate 15.2 ( 4.8 -37.3) Magnesium 1.05 (0.7-1.0) my b12 was 2000 (191.0-663.0) but I do have injections ! Red blood cell count 5.10 (3.8-4.8 ) above but I have been taking a little iron ! Waiting for my Vit D to come back and my progesterone estrogen and testosterone ! Calcium 2.48 (2.2-2.6

Many thanks to you all xxx

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Lynwinn, Most people are comfortable with TSH just above or below 1.0 with FT4 near the top 75% of range ie >19 in your range. If you feel well on your current dose fine, but if not there is room for a dose increase. Read Dr. Toft's comments in Treatment Options in the link below. If a copy of the full Pulse article will be helpful in persuading your GP to increase dose email

RBC can be elevated due to dehydration but other reasons are outlined in the link below. Ask for it to be retested in 4 months.

Other results look fine.


Hi thank you so much clutter for your reply :) I do feel better but I'm struggling with a neuropathy burning and prickling in my body which is worse than the thyroid symptoms :( the gp thought I was over medicated because of it but I wasn't as I had it when I was hyperthyroid 10 years ago :( I do have TPO antibodies but she said no point re testing them. ? When diagnosed 8 weeks ago the other gp stopped my propranolol which I had been on for 10 years only a small dose of 20mg but this gp has told me to take it again as that's the only thing I have stopped and maybe it will help with the neuropathy ??? Thank you for the link I will look thank you for your kindness :) xxxxxxx


Lynnwin, have you had B12 and folate tested? Low/deficient levels can cause neurological symtoms.

Hyperthyroid patients use up vitamins and minerals faster than they can be replaced and they are often low in hypothyroid patients due to malabsorption so it may be an idea to request ferritin and vitamin D in addition to B12 and folate.


Hi clutter my B12 came back at 2000 (191.0-663) she said that's because I have injections every 12 weeks because I'm a coeliac my b12 was low a couple of years ago and carried in with the injections ! My Folate 15.2 ( 4.8-37.3 ) she said I could carry on with the injections even though I'm way over the top if the scale as she said she would expect it to be high because if the injections and it can't do any harm ? I'm waiting for the VitD to come back as it takes longer and also waiting for progesterone estrogen and testosterone to come back I'm 55 and have been using organic progesterone cream for about 7 years ! Thank you again xxxxx


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