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Blood results


Can someone please comment on my recent blood results.

Background information, have been on combo of T3 and T4 25mcg of each a day. I have been taking Mercury Pharma for around 2 years but back in October was given the Teva brand. It has not agreed with me at all and a lot of my symptoms have come back. I am due to see my Endo today and here are my latest blood results from last week: Sadly although Free T3 and Total T3 were requested they only tested Total T3. Note on blood work said they only do Free T3 if you are pregnant!

TSH, 4.8 (range 0.2-4.5) previous result in September 0.13

Free T4 ,7 ( range 9-21) previous result same 7

Total T3, 1.3 (range 0.9-2.4) previous result 1.7

Many thanks

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A lot of people don't get on well with teva. Can you go back to mercury pharma?


Thank you, Its Teva T3 not T4, I think it is the T4 that a lot of people have problems with. Apparently Mercury Pharma has been bought over and is not available anymore. My Endo did a check for me today.


That's Bull***t

Mercury Pharma T3 is available, and also Morningside Healthcare T3 too

Take your prescription around to different pharmacies. Tesco are very helpful

Boots only like to supply Mercury Pharma so that would suit you

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Thank you,

I will try Tesco. It was boots that told me there is no supply of Mercury Pharma. I live in Edinburgh and I phoned quite a few chemists but none of them were stocking it any more. I have just requested another prescription so will try again next week.

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Hi Larksnest,

I had a very similar experience going from MP T3 to Teva. I had a flood of hypo symptoms come back, especially heart palpitations. Both I got from Boots (in Bucks). Definitely steering clear of Teva T3 and thankfully back on MP. Made me wake up to brand issues.

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Mercury Pharma is a few quid more


Interesting, just a few pounds more. The silly thing is my endo is now upping my dose of Teva to see if I will respond better to a higher dose, so more money, but I can't get the MP for a few pounds more!!!!


Mercury Pharma is easily available

Ring round all local pharmacies

If you get Mercury Pharma added onto prescription and then they have to source that brand

Online pharmacy if not locally

Teva T4 has caused no end of problems for many

Perhaps T3 has same issue. They are both lactose free


Thank you so much for you help. I will be doing some phone calls and hopefully find another alternative. I have never used an online pharmacy, do you have a recommendation?

Best wishes


I considered it, struggling to get 25mcg Mercury Pharma anywhere. In fact even the online pharmacy couldn't get it. So I asked GP to change prescription to 50mcg instead- will cut in half

The problem with online pharmacy is they will insist the brand required is specified on the prescription.

Just asking locally over the counter for preferred brand, best option if not listed on prescription

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