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Blood results - thoughts please?

Hi - relatively new to this group but have my latest blood test results as below which I would appreciate any comments on please.

I have symptoms but as yet no diagnosis - good or bad however I am too new to the possibility of a thyroid or associated condition to even know which route (if any) I should perhaps be looking at. All previous tests have been 'borderline' over recent years but guess age (52) is possiby now a factor and the constant feeling of being 'not right' - exhausted, disturbed sleep, always cold, weight gain even on a diet, very sensitive hair follicles on my head, itchy shoulders, aches and pains etc.

I would appreciate any comments on my blood results: thanks in advance

TSH 1.19 (0.35-3.5)

FT4 11 (8-21)

No FT3

Ferritin 57 (23-300)

B12 & serum folate

B12 - 391 (130-1100)

Comment low B12

Serum Folate 5.3 (2.7-15)

Anti-thyroid Peroxidase antibody 15.7 (0-34)

wbc 5 (4-10.00)

Rbc 4.67 (3.8-4.8)

Hb 130 (120-150)

Hct 0.383 (0.36-0.46)

MCV 82 (83-101)

- highlighted as low

MCH 27.8 (27-32)

Platelets 270 (150-410)

Neutrophils 2.5 (2.0-7.0)

Lymphocytes 2.01 (1.0-3.0)

Monocytes 0.25 (0.20-1.00)

Eosinophils 0.21 (0.02-0.5)

Basophils 0.03 (0.00-0.1)

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Your tests look like they're all in the normal ranges although some are only just within the ranges. Your thyroid seems normal too.

Your symptoms could be menopausal given your age and hormone tests aren't that reliable. Diagnosis is usually made on symptoms. I would bring this up with GP.

Good luck x

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Ferritin, folate and b12 may be in range but they are not at good/optimal levels. You also need to get T3 tested and your t4 looks low to me, even if in range.

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if they told you have a fatty liver, you should have your liver tests also done (AST, ALT, albumins, bilirubins, ALKP, etc). Related to your liver here is the platelet count which is good.


Noone has diagnosed anything to date - I have been retuning to the dictors for numerous years with same symptoms - hoped to get some pointers as to direction to duscuss with doctor.


You may want to include your lipids and glucose. A high level of glucose could potentially lead to fatty liver disease as the liver often stores glucose as glucagon.

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Thank you


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